10 Scammers Posing as Arab Bank Employees Arrested by Cyber Crime

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According to a story that emerged earlier today from ARY News, the Cyber Crime Circle (CCC) in Islamabad has apprehended a group of 10 con artists who were acting as bank personnel.

These con artists pretended to be employees of an Arabian bank to steal money and account information from unsuspecting individuals by impersonating bank workers and masquerading as them. According to the information provided by the CCC, the criminal organization duped victims using SIM cards issued in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

The individual who brought the group’s fraudulent activities to the attention of the CCC notified the organization that the con artists had conned Rs 3 million out of him in addition to stealing from other individuals.

The CCC was able to seize five phones and 25 international SIM cards from the fraudsters who were apprehended during the search. Additional investigations are now being carried out, and a case has been opened against the con artists in accordance with the PECA Act 2021.

In related news, the Cyber Crime Cell of the FIA restored the hijacked Facebook page belonging to the Sindh Minister for Prisons, Aijaz Jakhrani. As a result of the complaint lodged by the Minister, the FIA was able to reclaim the Facebook page, which had around 60,000 followers.


ARY News was informed by a spokeswoman for the FIA that the hackers were able to take control of the page by giving ARY News a link to a rogue website. These cybercriminals gained unrestricted remote access to the page through the connection, which they used to publish offensive information on the social network. A week and a half passed while the attackers maintained control of the page.

After Aijaz Jakhrani regained access to his account, he thanked the FIA team for their prompt response. He recorded a video message on his page expressing his appreciation for their efforts. He thanked the FIA Director-General (DG) Sanaullah Abbasi, the FIA Additional Director Imran Riaz, and Deputy Director Kaleemullah Memon.

Aijaz Jakhrani has reason to believe that his political adversaries are the ones to blame, and he has attacked them for engaging in underhanded tactics to discredit him. However, he warned the cybercriminals, stating that they would be apprehended soon and that their reasons would be revealed.


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