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10 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

Avatar Written by Qurat Zafar ·  4 min read >
10 things to consider

Let’s say that you qualified for a job and passed the interview stage without making any of these 10 Mistakes. As expected, you receive a job letter and after emptying your pockets ‘treating’ family, friends and some extended family members that you didn’t even know existed, the excitement goes down and you are able to see the job letter for what it really is: a promise of commitment. It isn’t a great idea to dive head down once you receive a job offer letter. Instead there are at least 10 things that you need to consider before accepting the job so that you can be certain where you are headed.

1. Company Culture

Each company has a culture that it represents. There are certain rules and regulations, things which are encouraged and things that are looked down upon. A company’s culture may also define how people interact with each other and how you are treated as a colleague. Some companies encourage employees to mind their own business while others help facilitate activities that help in bonding people so that they can come together as a team and work for a single cause. Maybe you would like to go for a company that encourages eating out together or partying when goals are accomplished or maybe you prefer keeping to yourself and not being forced to engage in social events. As a prospective employee of a company, you need to research the culture and see if you are suited for it. Will you able to work in this culture? Will you be comfortable?

2. Office Timings

Even though you might think office timings are a trivial issue, in the long run they matter a lot. For example, if you are not an early riser, a job that starts at 7 in the morning may not be the best match for you. You will have to struggle every single day and before long this might demotivate you. If instead you are an early bird and like to go home and spend time with your family after work, a job with early work hours may fit your need perfectly. It is important to ensure that the office timings are according to your needs.

3. Location of the Office

Will you have to travel across the city to get to your destination? If yes, then you need to carefully consider the travel costs before you say yes to the job offer. Some local jobs also offer pick and drop facility, especially for females. Others have policies that allow you to buy your own vehicle with the company contributing a certain percentage of the total amount. Of course these benefits are available once you have settled down in your job but if such prospects exist, then you can plan how to overcome the distance problem. If none of these facilities are available, you need to consider the cost and benefit of taking up a job that will cost you quite a bit is fuel charges alone.

4. Does this Job Suit your Career Plan?

Have you sat down and decided what is going to be your career path? Because if you haven’t, stop what you are doing and plan ahead. Jobs are not something that you go for on a whim. The job you choose today is going to shape your future. Do you want to eventually start your own business or do you want to be sitting in a small, dimly lit cubicle toiling away every single day of your life without any prospect of success. In most cases, not the later. Choose wisely: what impact will this job have on your career? Is it adding something of value to your CV? Will the job help you sharpen your existing skills or learn new ones? Make sure the job suits your career plans before you take it up.

5. Scope of Learning and Talent Pool

If your job offers significant learning and consists of some amazingly talented people, go for it. Learning is a very important aspect of working. However, there are some firms who are genuine slave drivers, they will make you do things in which you have almost zero creative input. Even if they pay big bucks, in the long run they will probably harm you by not contributing anything to your skill portfolio.

6. If you’re a Freshmen, Money Shouldn’t be the Deciding Factor

It is easy to be lured by the big figures but if you are a freshmen, money shouldn’t be a deciding factor for you. What you should focus on instead is the value of this job on your CV and how it can help you out in trying to accomplish your life goals. Many people who are big business tycoons today started small. Jeff Bezos of Amazon worked on Wall Street in the field of computer science and then later, built international trade for a company. He used his job to learn and at the same time research, an effort that has resulted in Amazon, one of the major eSellers today. Choosing money over learning is a myopic decision that you don’t want to make.

7. Are you Doing What you Love?

Don’t choose a job that involves doing work that you don’t enjoy. You may end up telling yourself that it doesn’t matter as long as you’re getting money in your account at the end of the month but a boring, non-challenging job will wear out your creative juices. Most people will eventually settle for less and discard their aims and ambitions all together. Choose a job for the right reason so that you can give it your best and your work can be fulfilling.

8. Hierarchy of Management

Yet another aspect that you need to consider is the hierarchy and whether you will be able to work in the company’s current management. Some companies have varying levels of hierarchy such that you only interact with those directly above you. For example, in a software house you may only interact with your manager who will in turn be responsible for your work and performance review etc. Other work places have a more open culture where there are fewer levels of controls and greater interaction between the employees. This can help you learn from the seniors on the job. Before you take the job, take the time out to find more about the hierarchy of control so that later you don’t have any regrets.

9. Company History: Followers vs. Innovators

As important as it is to choose a job that you love, it is also necessary to do your research and find companies that you can believe in. In the market there will always be followers or innovators and while both serve their purpose, you need to make a choice and go for a company that shares your ideology. Why do so many people want to work for Google or Apple? It isn’t just because a Googler or an Apple Employee has the swag: instead they want to become part of companies who are the top notch innovators in the industry, the pioneers and the leaders with a vision. However, that may not be the life you want and that’s perfectly fine too. If you don’t want a very challenging job, you can always get a comfortable one but choose wisely so that you can work towards your company’s vision.

10. Can you do better?

Lastly, consider if you have a chance to do better. Contrast and compare benefits of staying for your current job or leaving for the one that you have just landed. Think objectively: is this the company that you really want to work for? If not, can you make some effort and get selected for the company of your choice. If the answer is yes, go for it so that you can be truly committed to your job and work passionately. If you think this is the best offer you have gotten up-till now, the decision is made.

To reiterate everything that has been said above, it is integral to be absolutely sure of the reasons behind choosing a job. If you know your heart is in the right place and you are satisfied, you can be a much better, self-motivated employee. This way you can be more true to yourself and also be fair to the company hiring you by working with sincerity.

Written by Qurat Zafar
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