10 types of coworkers you will find at every workplace

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Workplaces comprise of diverse personalities, establishing the dynamics how the place operates. Some of them turn your workplace into fun while others may only effect your productivity. We have devised a list of 10 personalities that are commonly found at our workplaces. Which are you?

1. Classic Workaholics
They are the first ones to enter the workplace and the last to leave. Their enjoyment lies in putting overtime and taking up projects that nobody else dares to.

2. Hijackers
The most despised of the lot, hijackers are always plotting to take credit for someone else’s hard work. Discuss a thought with them, the next moment they will have the copyrights to it deeming it as their own.

3. Gossipers
These people will update you with everything abuzz the workplace. They use information as their tool to reject and confirm rumors at work and get a real confidence boost when their speculations come true.

4. Slackers
The superpowers of these people are: slack and procrastination. If a timeline is assigned to them, their submission shamelessly reaches you a minute shorter than final deadline.

5. Storytellers
Ask them what’s up, and these chatterboxes will break into their life’s story narrating meticulous details. By the time they end, you will be surprised to know how many minutes they took off your clock.

6. Complainers
Why is the air conditioner not cold enough? Why my workload is more stressing than everyone else? Why is the coffee machine nonfunctional? The complainers always make sure they have voiced their whining from the ink flow of a pen to the organizational structure of the company.

7. Besties with headphones
They barricade themselves from through headphones. They always advocate how doing so increases their productivity regardless of how it makes them unapproachable by fellow colleagues.

8. Micromanagers
These control freaks will drive you crazy. They will endlessly interfere and ruthlessly attack your productivity. From deciding the color of your sticky notes to the font of your document, they will make sure you do as they say.

9. Who delegates
This type does not work smartly but cleverly. Appearing to be busy, they hunt colleagues and delegate the tasks assigned to themselves. If only they invested energy fulfilling the task on their own.

10. Ambitious internees
Off to change the world, the highly motivated internees create a stir at workplaces. They gladly run photocopies, rework the coffee machine, optimistically hoping for a real task. They ask almost every colleague if the workplace can be considered for a long term career.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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