5 types of programmers that you will ever encounter

Programmers are a curious breed. They excel at churning out wonderful little codes at the expense of coffee and...

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Curvy G6: Here is what we know about LG V30 so far

LG‘s next big smartphone does not belong to the widely renowned LG G series. In fact, for sometime LG...

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5 Startups that are hiring this week

As always, TechJuice is back with a list of some emerging and aspiring startups that are hiring exceptional individuals...

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Hiring the right talent

10 types of coworkers you will find at every workplace

Workplaces comprise of diverse personalities, establishing the dynamics how the place operates. Some of them turn your workplace into...

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Here are the 15 Slack Integrations and Channels you will love

Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, tried his hand at a gaming startup. Twice. The massively multiplayer online games that...

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5 laptops that you can buy under 50K easily in Pakistan

In today’s modern age, technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Focusing particularly on computer systems, we see new...

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These young women featured in TechJuice 25 under 25 are an inspiration for all

Earlier this month, we did a feature on Pakistan’s 25 High Achiever’s under 25. The task of finding those...

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11 movies which should be in every technology geek’s watch list!

Do you often wonder while looking at the sky if there is another world out there waiting to be...

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5 Pakistani Must Join Facebook Groups

Facebook is a versatile platform – and like anything else, you can get the most out of it when...

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8 tips to help you from interview to accepting a job proposal

You are going to spend almost half of your day at work. Wouldn’t you want to work at a...

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5 signs that programming is not for you

Computer Programming is not an easy thing as it apparently looks like. I mean yes, it looks cool sitting...

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7 type of Pakistani Software Testers we all have known

If you wish to question about types of QA Engineers or Software testers then the answers are provided here...

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Software Testing