10xC is accepting applications for its second cohort

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10xC, a tech accelerator and seed venture, part of Planet N Group of Companies founded by Nadeem Hussain, is accepting applications for its second cohort until the end of the year. Its first cohort, comprising of 8 startups, is graduating this month.

More details about 10xC

10xC is a tech accelerator which is a part of the Planet N group of Companies founded by Nadeem Hussain. It aims at creating a technology ecosystem, which is self-sustaining and solves bottlenecks in the current ecosystem. Being a team of all entrepreneurs themselves, they know what exactly a startup needs. They provide startups with the resources they need to succeed – from infrastructural support needed to validate the idea – to capital investment a startup needs to grow.

What does the incubation program include?

The incubation program at 10xC consists of following offerings:

  • 4 months rigorous incubation program
  • 1 million PKR in seed fund
  • Office space, the internet, and other required facilities
  • Access to mentors and business network
  • Easy access to 10xC founding team (even on WhatsApp because they actually want to help) and their personal/professional network

What are they looking for?

The people at 10xC will be judging the teams on the following criteria:

  • Idea:
    • A sound idea that solves a problem in the local market
    • The idea is scalable and can potentially target a global market
  • Team:
    • An awesome team that believes in the idea and has the potential to get if off the ground
    • They look for entrepreneurs between the ages of 16-35
    • 2 co-founders at least, with one having technical background

How to apply?

To apply for the incubation program, download the form from 10xC’s official website ( which can be filled and emailed at for consideration.

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