19.5% Tax on Mobile and Household internet packages reversed in Punjab

Avatar Written by Rizwan Anwer ·  42 sec read >
Internet Tax

The last two months have been a roller-coaster ride of Taxes coming and going within the Province of Punjab, only a few days ago, the law that was supposed to be repealed, didn’t show signs of leaving the center stage. A fresh announcement from Umar Saif, Chairman of PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board), has just confirmed that the Punjab Government has rolled back on the 19.5% tax that was applied to Mobile and household internet connections.

Umar Saif

The Punjab Government has made great strides in moving Punjab to the 21st century through various initiatives made possible through internet and technology. The taxes seemed to be counter-productive to the current government’s intentions and goals. With the removal of the tax, the rates of internet connections; households and mobiles alike, have rolled back to their original costs, before the tax.

With an official confirmation of the tax being taken off the table for the Punjab region, many people can now take a sigh of relief and continue their regular usage. Let’s wait and see if the KPK and Sindh will be fortunate to get this luxury too.

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