30 Things You Do If You’re an Entrepreneur

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  3 min read >

To the uninitialized, entrepreneurship may seem all fun and play but the fact of the matter is that it takes serious toll on one’s life. Here are the 30 things that you most likely do if you are an entrepreneur.

1) You can’t seem to shut up about the potential of your idea. Ever met parents of newborns? Have you noticed how they can’t seem to stop talking about how cute their child is, how he walks, how he talks…yeah, you’re like that too. Would someone please listen to your amazing idea? Please, pretty please, with sugar on top?


2) You see everyone as a potential investor. I am not kidding, it slowly becomes an obsession. You start pitching your idea whenever you sit down with friends or family and try to convince them to invest whatever little they can. You interrupt conversations, and divert topics to your startups. As a result, some people are beginning to get really annoyed. Notice how you receive less party invites?


3) Your Social Media has turned into a publicity forum for your startup. If you tweet, it’s about your work; if you Facebook it has something to do with your startup. You’ve noticed how monotonous your posts have become, but what can you do when Facebook ever so innocently prompts you, ‘what’s on your mind?’ Your startup, duh!
People have starting muting you. And unfollowing you. But don’t worry one day, you’ll be the great guy that everyone looks up to.


4) You have frequent Eureka Moments. You’re talking to your friend on phone and your mind begin to wander and suddenly you figure out something that you have been working on. You hang up without saying goodbye and then later have to make up with expensive treats and gifts. But the point is, your Eureka moments can come at any time and they can’t be helped. People should understand right?

5) You know first hand how strenuous it is to choose the right name for your company.


6) You have done a crash MBA, literally or practically. For the record, you hate how figures and sums always come before your creativity but there is nothing you can do about it. The world is too young to truly understand your true potential. Trust me we know.

7) You hate the Business and Accounts people. Hey, just because you understand that your startup can’t run without these guys doesn’t mean that you have to love them, right?

8) You have nightmares about data loss.


9) Your computer chair is the most worn out piece of furniture in the house. Your mother has even threatened to throw it out of your room but you love it anyway.

10) Your legs still turn wobbly in front of the investors and panels of judges but you overcome your nervousness each time and do great.


11) Your girlfriend left you. She said she couldn’t hear about any more ‘exceptions’ and ‘forever loops’.


12) Many a times, you’ve literally raced against time. You’ve coded at ultra high speed, you’ve driven fast to get to a meeting or an interview session, you’ve talked at super sonic speeds while explaining your idea to a colleague because you were afraid that if you didn’t talk fast enough, you would lose the though trail.


13) People swear, that sometimes you’re just sitting there like crazy and you suddenly start dancing around. Refer to the point above about ‘Eureka moments’.


14) You still hold your breath every time you try something new with your startup or hit the compile button if you are tech-preneur.


15) You’re used to wearing a three-day old shirt.


16) You can code well in your sleep. Indeed, you sometimes do amazing things when you have been up for three nights.


17)There are dark circles beneath your eyes from the lack of sleep. You notice that you’ve been watching the anti-dark circles ad with close interest lately.sleep

18) But because you are an entrepreneur, your sleep is always strictly timed. You’re used to setting one hundred and one alarms.


19) But somehow, you always wake up late. And then all hell breaks lose because there is tons to do and so little time.


20) You’ve witnessed your share of bad days when nothing seemed to work out in your favor.


21) You can’t function without your phone!


22) You’re happiest when you are making progress at the right rate. In fact, that’s your personal definition of cloud 9!


23) You’ve worked in the field long enough to know the difference between people who’re just trying to get away with fluff talk and real mentors.


24) You believe your startup will change the world so that it becomes a healthier, happier place. Or to put it more aptly, you know that line definitely deserves a main spot in your pitch.


25)You know that success comes at a large price and is the product of a lot of effort and hard work.


26) You’re used to being broke.


27) Failure can’t defeat you.


28) You mind is generally over flowing with great ideas but you rarely have enough time to sit down and implement them.


29) But hey, you know you’re doing something you love. At the end of the day that’s what matters.


30) Oh and you love reading TechJuice because you believe in supporting great startups. (Shameless Self Promotion intended!)


Written by Qurat Zafar
Her heart skips a beat everytime she sees a new, beautiful gadget. A tech enthusiast to the core, Qurat loves reading, writing and wasting time. She tweets at @q_zafar. Profile