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3G/4G subscriber growth rate hits second lowest of past 10 months

Written by Muneeb Ahmad ·  1 min read >
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The recent data, as revealed by PTA, shows that although the 3G/4G subscriptions have increased over a month by 3.74%, the growth rate itself has declined in Pakistan. The latest statistics also show that the growth rate was second lowest in last 10 months.

From the data, which is updated on the monthly basis by the PTA, it has come to light that the transfer of users from 2G to 3G/4G and the new subscriptions to 3G/4G have taken the total number of subscribers to 29.74 Million. The figure showed a total increase of 3.4% and translated the figure by 1.07 Million, in the last month.

In the last 10 months, the September-15 showed the highest rise in new 3G/4G subscriptions with 2.27 Million new subscriptions. The lowest growth was seen last month during which 3G/4G saw about 0.80 Million new subscriptions. The May-16 stand second lowest with new 3G/4G subscriptions of 1.07 Million.

The new 3G subscriptions for the Mobilink remained greater than all other in 3G/4G subscriptions with a total of 0.54 million new subscriptions to Mobilink’s 3G. Telenor showed the second highest rise and 0.25 million new users subscribed with Telenor 3G. About 0.15 million new 3G/4G users shifted to Zong and about 47,147 mobile phone users moved to 3G services on Ufone network in May. The new 3G/4G subscriptions with Warid remained lowest with a mere count of 28,000 new subscribers to 4G.

Astonishingly enough, the growth in the 3G/4G subscriptions remains much higher than the growth in new users of mobile phones in the country which essentially means that the relatively lesser number of users started using mobile phones than the new 3G/4G subscriptions. The data shows that the total number of Fixed, WLL and Mobile users density increased by just 0.29% which is far less than 3.74% which the new 3G/4G subscription rate.

The rate is further expected to slow down amid the increased sales taxes which are being associated with the buying of new smartphones, as per the recent budget of FY 2016-17 as buying of mobile phones with high connectivity technology is a hurdle for Pakistani people.

Another factor which might be responsible for slowing down of growth rate could be the non-localisation of content on the internet. The accessibility to the internet has improved but the localisation of internet content also needs to be increased which can increase the effectiveness of internet for Pakistani people by manifolds.

It might be noted that the Pakistan experienced a massive influx of people shifting to new cutting edge connectivity technologies following the 3G/4G auction a couple of years back.

Written by Muneeb Ahmad
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