4 initiatives taken by PTCL to improve its customer services

Written by Faisal Saeed ·  2 min read >

In today’s digital age, customer experience is a major focus area for all brands as ultimately the brand experience is all about the customer experience. Being your most important asset, a customer is the center of all marketing activities. But to satisfy a customer, simply relying on marketing strategy is not enough, your entire organization needs to focus on providing ease and convenience to the customers. The ever-increasing demand to keep customers happy keeps a company like Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) on its toes.

PTCL has seen a process of evolution in the past few years as a brand, as they gradually became aware of the need to upgrade and modernize infrastructure and services to meet the evolving requirements of its customers. PTCL is making genuine efforts to make its customers their first priority. In doing so they started a project of upgrading and transforming their top 100 exchanges across Pakistan, which has positively impacted its customers as they are getting high-speed unlimited internet in those areas.

1. Faster and Improved network through transformed exchanges

Customer complaints in upgraded exchanges have already decreased by 40%, which has resulted in increased customer acquisition, Moreover, the customers are migrating to higher speeds as they can experience the difference between the old and improved network.

These exchanges are offering up to 20Mbps on copper. The company is selectively rolling out Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) in different parts of Pakistan keeping in view the market’s need and demand, through which customers can enjoy up to 100Mbps on fiber.

2. Learning intervention for PTCL resources

Not only that, there was a dire need to educate and provide orientation to the PTCL workforce, for which the company launched a massive learning intervention, ‘Building Culture of Service Excellence’ across Pakistan to focus on how to provide the best customer services. The key objective of the training is to enable the organization to enhance its service performance and create an action-oriented culture based on excellence.

The entire PTCL workforce that comprises of customer service representatives (CSRs), supervisors, linemen, contact center representatives, etc. received this training from populated metropolitan cities to far-flung regions. The company is confident that this effort will enable the front-line staff to deliver better customer services as it will display a change of mindset across the organization.

3. e-billing initiative

Another initiative launched by PTCL has enabled its customers to support Green Pakistan by opting in for eBilling and stop receiving paper bills. This will go a long way in helping with the increasing environmental problems that Pakistan is now facing. This initiative is not only creating awareness on the issue but also provides an opportunity to the customers to support this cause. The organization has taken steps to ensure that all avenues are open for customers to opt for eBilling. PTCL customers can now call on the given helpline “1218” to subscribe to eBilling and opt out of receiving paper bills.

4. Customer service through digital platforms

Any business that aims to provide top-notch customer care has to maintain an active status on all of the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram. To cater to the ever-growing needs of their customers with 24/7 service resolution, PTCL has ensured that their users have a customer service facility available to them through various digital platforms.

It often happens that there comes a delay in resolving the customer’s complaint, due to technical issues or undergoing construction work that has disrupted the cables and requires more diligent efforts or intervention from other government departments. At that time, the digital teams in PTCL continue to respond to the customers who have made complaints on social media, either through inbox or by calling, to actively support and provide an update accordingly.

Being a national company, PTCL serves customers from major cities to far-flung areas in Pakistan since its inception. We are hopeful that companies like PTCL in Pakistan will continue to adapt and change to bring customer centricity and focus on customer experience.

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