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PTCL visualizes digital Pakistan by providing Smart Cloud solutions hosted on its Rated-3 Certified Data Centers

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One of the most exponentially developed fields in ICT services globally during the past few years is Public Cloud Infrastructure, Platform, and Software solutions. These services have provided access to IT Data Center infrastructure at significantly small capital and operational expenses.

In Pakistan, PTCL has been at the forefront of introducing ICT related services, as the company implemented a local Cloud Infrastructure back in 2017 as part of its continued commitment to technology and innovation.

Three Key Takeaways from PTCL Cloud Infrastructure

    • PTCL Smart Cloud is a service that enables customers to build customized virtual servers & networks according to their own needs.
    • All data on the PTCL Smart Cloud is hosted within the country for minimal latency and optimal performance.
    • PTCL cloud is currently the country’s only SDN (Software Defined Network) enabled cloud built on Rated-3 certified Data centers to provide service solutions optimized for business growth.

PTCL Smart Cloud portfolio includes the following services:

    • Virtual Data Center
    • Virtual Private Servers
    • Disaster Recovery as a Service
    • Backup as a Service

Virtual Data Center – Data Center on a Click

It is a pool of resources for VMware workloads in the form of compute, memory and storage given to the customer who has the flexibility to create, destroy, and modify their own virtual machines according to their own needs. Virtual Data Center is a perfect public cloud offering for businesses looking for optimal user control over resource provisioning with maximum security control through customer-controlled security policies and a dedicated software-defined network (SDN) layer for each VDC for security and network customization.

Virtual Private Server – Your own off-the-shelf virtual machine

It is a vanilla VM whereby one can pick a virtual server configuration that meets their needs, or customize one with the vCPU, RAM and Storage to fit their needs, and have it provisioned on PTCL smart cloud. In case of VPS, the customer does not have a web-based interface for modifying resources or the already defined policies.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – Maximize business continuity for enhanced resilience

DRaaS is an advanced, image-based VM replication suite which is simple to set up & easy-to-use. DRaaS is a replica of primary site provisioned over cloud offering OS level replication through Veeam Cloud Connect. The service lets you seamlessly replicate individual virtual servers or entire virtualized infrastructure with a few clicks for complete user control conforming to business defined policies to ensure minimal downtime and maximum business continuity.

Backup as a Service – Optimal security for your business

PTCL BaaS helps organizations avoid the risk of catastrophic data loss and provides an enterprise-grade backup solution (Veeam Backup & Replication) for provisioning multiple copies of data on PTCL Cloud through Veeam Cloud Connect. BaaS provides OS level backup for virtualized environments both on-premises, hosted on PTCL cloud, and agent level backup for on-premises physical infrastructure.

PTCL’s State-of-the-art Data Center

PTCL’s Data Centers are designed as per TIA 942 standards that includes infrastructure for Telecom, Electrical, Architecture, and Mechanical. The Data Centers provide digital services, hosting of mission-critical services, racks’, networking devices & other data center computing equipment ensuring a cost-effective and compact environment to meet the requirement of enterprise customers. Currently, PTCL has four data centers up and running and is expanding its data center portfolio by adding seven more by the end of 2019.

PTCL Lahore Data Center

As a pioneer of many firsts, PTCL Lahore data center known as Commercial Data Center, Lahore (CDC, Lahore) is the first Rated – 3 certified datacenter by EPI in Pakistan. PTCL has earned this certification back in 2010 and maintained Rated-3 tag till now. CDC Lhr is built on an area of 900sqm and it is designed in a way to provide maximum uptime to customers through its state-of-the-art design by employing redundant power, cooling, and network infrastructure along with fire detection & suppression, structured data cabling, meet me rooms (MMR), surveillance & access control and building & environmental monitoring.

The facility allows enterprise customers to move their essential IT/Telecom infrastructure into PTCL data centers, conveniently located in major cities of the country with the highest level of security, resilience, and flexibility. This helps companies to reduce their cost, increase the business value of IT and make a realistically manageable footprint.

Key Features

    • Cost savings
    • High availability and reliability
    • Secure environment
    • Disaster recovery and business continuity
    • A higher level of visibility of all ICT components