5 legendary Nokia phones we want HMD to bring back

Written by Sajeel Syed ·  2 min read >

Nokia had been a dominant player in the feature phones market and still holds a significant position. HMD Global, the Finnish company which acquired Nokia, has started revamping some of the best old feature phones by the name of Nokia. The legendary Nokia 3310 re-launched last year and the recently refreshed Nokia 8110 – the banana-shaped phone is the proof of the capabilities of the new home of Nokia phones – HMD Global.

Since the core focus of HMD is providing Nokia branded smartphones with pure Android experience so we don’t expect the company to sell decade old technology in this competitive market on a wide scale. But being a true fan of Nokia, I think that there are some old Nokia phones that if HMD decides to re-launch with refreshed design and features would definitely benefit the company.

1. Nokia 1100

Nokia 1100 was launched back in 2003. It comes from an age in which phones were only used to call and send/receive text messages (some people even don’t know to send a text at that time). The device was a beauty in its simplicity. I remember my uncle bought the device at that time and he had kept it with him until now. It had a black and white display and a very low amount of additional features.

Nokia had sold over 250 million 1100 models until it was discontinued in 2009. With a possible 3G/4G connectivity and handful of other features, the device can be a big hit for HMD Global.

2. Nokia 1110

The Nokia 1110 remains the 2nd-most selling phone by Nokia. Like most of the classic Nokias, it was user-friendly and simple to operate, and it helped the company expand worldwide into emerging countries that it previously hadn’t touched.

Nokia 1110 was a significant upgrade to Nokia 1100 with additional features but a low battery capacity. HMD would get no loss if decides to revamp this phone’s design and display as well. Some stylish back will do just fine.

3. Nokia N95

This was the most amazing feature phone in existence before the iPhone showed up, offering cutting-edge capabilities such as GPS, an MP3 player, Wi-Fi and 3G support (something that first iPhone lacked), and a 5-megapixel camera that was ahead of its time (recording both images and video).

This phone has a name everyone remembers and revamping this phone with a premium design will certainly be a good idea. Well, I’m out of ideas for new features on this device and I want HMD to share this burden with me,

4. Nokia 6630

Not everyone liked the shape of this phone because it was not very suitable to keep it in your pocket, but its design still became iconic. It was appreciated by youth because of its easy-to-handle the keyboard. The camera too was very good for its time. The phone had a Symbian OS and all the connectivity options available at the time, except for Wi-Fi.

Considering its iconic status, it is not hard to imagine that HMD Global may bring it back in a new design.

5. Nokia N9

The N9 was one of the most successful mobile phones that Nokia ever launched. N9’s stylish-looking chassis that gave a few nods to where Nokia would be heading next. The phone had a MeeGo mobile OS which was in turn developed by Nokia.

Keeping in view that brightly colored casing to the high-spec Carl Zeiss integrated camera, HMD should definitely re-launch this device.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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