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Airschool is welcoming more freelance and professional skill-based courses every month. This April, choose from 5 exclusive, quality courses created by the best domain experts and learn flexibly from home.  

Airschool is welcoming more freelance and professional skill-based courses every month. This April, choose from 5 exclusive, quality courses created by the best domain experts and learn flexibly from home.

Freelancing is growing enormously popular among Pakistanis, with increasing interest in the higher dollar pay and remote-work flexibility. Made easier by available freelancing platforms and the payment methods they support, this is a change the nation is embracing at full speed.

To cater to this exponential growth, a lot of individuals are searching for beginner-friendly skills to learn and apply to freelancing platforms. The following courses are popular on Airschool due to highly applicable course content, affordability, outstanding results and beginner-friendliness:

  1. Introduction to SEO
  2. Introduction to Modern Data Analytics
  3. Introduction to JavaScript
  4. Become a PPC Expert
  5. Introduction to Game Development 

About the courses
All five courses target highly in-demand skills that can be applied in freelancing or otherwise. They are created keeping in mind beginners, so prior knowledge is not required.

  1. Introduction to SEO course focuses on preparing individuals to become SEO experts, as well as aid prospective digital and content marketing professionals to come to terms with search engine optimization for business success. Now learn how to bump up page rankings without spending any money. Evolve from a newbie to an SEO professional by covering the following areas extensively: Keyword research & mapping, reading SERPs, WordPress & Blogging, technical SEO and SEO funnel, SEO for e-commerce, Google Analytics and all relevant material. This course is delivered in the English language and priced at PKR 825. You can enroll for this course here. 

  1. Introduction to Modern Data Analytics course is for beginners interested in Data Science. As data science and analytics is a field that requires highly sought-after candidates for jobs and freelance opportunities, this course can be monumental for student careers. With no prior education or experience required, this course covers the absolute basics of data analysis by going into files and data types, data gathering & wrangling, data mining, communication findings and more. This course is delivered in the Urdu language and priced at PKR 1500. You can enroll for this course here.  

  1. Introduction to JavaScript course is for programming enthusiasts who want to learn the most famous and widely used programming language in the world. This course will help students comprehend the syntax and fundamentals of Javascript. This course has been designed to be short, precise and straightforward and demands basic programming knowledge. Moreover, the course also equips you with the necessary concepts to declutter the interview questions in order to land web development jobs and gigs. This course is delivered in the Urdu language and priced at PKR 500. You can enroll for this course here. 
  1. Become a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) course is for individuals starting out in digital marketing and advertising. Paid search and PPC is one of the most sought after skills among digital marketers as paid search is a highly effective marketing tool with businesses allocating budget for it. The course covers keyword research, bidding methods, writing ad copy and descriptions, understanding metrics and more. The course is delivered in Urdu and priced at PKR 2500. You can enroll for this course here.
  1. Introduction to Game Development course is a comprehensive crash course for beginners. By the end of the course, students will be able to make 2D and 3D games on Unity. Moreover, the following will be covered: 3D animation in games, adding objects, models, spirits and sounds to games. Create games for iOS, Android, PC after the course and publish on AppStore and PlayStore. The course is delivered in Urdu and priced at PKR 3000. You can enroll for this course here.


About the instructors 

Course instructors for the above are all different, but come highly recommended in their fields. Holding positions in some of the best companies and businesses in Pakistan, they are highly-accomplished to teach their respective courses.

Adi Abdurab, teaching Introduction to SEO, is qualified in digital marketing and SEO, as he is not only CEO of Surgengin Digital Media but also Google Adwords Certified, a Facebook Blueprint Certified Marketing Expert, Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional and a Hubspot Inbound Certified SEO Expert. It is safe to say that he is heavily certified and highly accomplished.

Maaz Imran, teaching Introduction to Modern Data Analytics, is highly qualified in Data Analytics, thus leading the Data Analytics & BI team at HelloFreshGO now in Berlin. He has worked in the domain of Data and Analytics for more than 4 years and also has extensive background in the domain of online teaching and tutoring.

Awais Kamran, teaching Introduction to Javascript, is the Development Team Lead at Zameen.com, Pakistan’s first billion dollar-valued portal. Additionally, he has major experience in SPA/PWA product development in the domain of education, sports, banking, real estate & B2B sector.

Sumayya Khurshid Khan, teaching Become a Pay-Per-Click Expert, is highly qualified in the field of marketing and pay-per-click, having worked with several companies as a PPC Expert and Marketing Consultant. She’s achieved all this while being an accomplished lecturer at the prestigious business institute, IBA Karachi, where she teaches Marketing.

Syed Basit Ali Jafri, teaching Introduction to Game Development, is an entrepreneur with his own game development house, Eccentrica Technologies, for a decade now. He has a Masters in Computer Sciences from LUMS, is a professional tech trainer and apps/games development expert due to which he has years of experience teaching students at the prestigious ITU, Lahore.

To enroll in any of these courses, or explore other similar in-demand courses, click here.

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