5 popular freelancing skills courses on Airschool

Airschool is welcoming more freelance and professional skill-based courses every month. This April, choose from 5 exclusive, quality courses...

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Pakistani developers ranked #1 in global JavaScript Speed Coding Challenge

Pakistani developers flexed their blazing coding speeds at this year’s TopTal JavaScript Speed Coding Challenge by bagging the most...

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Dec 19 · >

JavaScript remains the most popular programming language among developers, according to survey

According to analyst firm SlashData’s latest survey of developers, JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world...

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Oct 22 · >

Google’s new app uses fun games to teach JavaScript

Grasshopper is a newly released app that teaches JavaScript coding through a series of mini-games. The application has been...

Apr 23 · >

Meet UrduScript, the first Urdu-based programming language

Our mother tongue, Urdu, is often the subject of much debate in the country. There is a conflict when...

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