5 websites every student should start using today

Written by Talha Hameed ·  1 min read >

You wake up with great effort to go to college where you find yourself sleeping through dull lectures. You come back home with the intention to spend rest of the day studying, but find yourself executing the daily ritual of scrolling down on Facebook. Late at nights, you reflect that why your life has become so monotonous and why there isn’t any excitement in learning.

Learning was supposed to be a fun experience but the problem is we have associated it with spoon feeding institutions, which in turn have made it dull. A little autodidactic approach can do wonders for us. I have picked few sites for college students which will enhance their knowledge and polish their cognitive skills.

1. Coursera

Well, yes you have heard about it and may even have made an account on it, but, let’s admit, you never got the full use of it. Since 2012 it’s database has expanded exponentially, and is probably aiming to include every course being taught under the sun. Whether you want to learn about Arts and Humanities or become a Data Scientist or just want to learn a little bit of everything, you will find everything under one roof of Coursera.


This one is a little known, mainly popular among STEM students. Any student who opted basic sciences in High school can solve its puzzles. It has a large collection of well-crafted multiple choice questions that will enhance your grip of the respective topic and would also polish your cognitive abilities.

3. Khan Academy

You have definitely come across this one while surfing YouTube. On the surface, it may strike you as Coursera, but in-fact it is very different. From very light topics like “Renting or buying homes” to the overview of Cryptography, it has everything that promises to provide lifelong learning and stimulate your intellectual tendencies.

4. RoboZZle

It is a vast collection of puzzles in which you program a robot to collect stars. These puzzles are very exciting and sometimes very difficult that may take two three days to solve. With a little pondering over puzzles, you will start developing a whole new problem-solving perspective and enhanced thinking ability.

5. TED Talk

Ted Talk is all about the way you see the world and the rationally optimistic approach the world problems. You are bound to get lost in the enchanting ideas shared by great people. Watching it once in awhile will give a new perspective of the world around you and would definitely help with lifelong learning. The good thing is you can also watch these on YouTube.

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