6 Year Old Pakistani Boy Becomes The Youngest Microsoft Office Professional

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It seems technology comes naturally to the people of Pakistan. We all have heard of Arfa Karim, the computer prodigy from Faisalabad, who at the age of 9, became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional. Unfortunately, Arfa is no more with us, but there are more computer prodigies out there who are making their country proud.

Muhammad Humza Shahzad is one such young boy, who just bagged the title of being the youngest Microsoft Office Professional, at the age of 6. Humza currently lives in London with his parents, Asim Shahzad and Seemab Asim. Humza moved to England in 2011 when his father, Asim, got a job as a Senior Development Manager at a Multinational IT Company in London.

Microsoft Certification requires a candidate to score 700 points to clear the exam. Humza scored 757 points at the exam which he took at the Microsoft Institute in London.

Humza will be considered the youngest Microsoft Office Professional and second youngest Microsoft Certified Professional. The youngest Microsoft Certified Professional is also a Pakistani, Ayan Qureshi, who cleared the exam last year at the age of 5.

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The Microsoft Certified Professional Certification covers a broad range of Microsoft Technologies such as Windows installation, configuration, network management, etc. But what distinguishes Humza from other MCPs is his specialization in Microsoft Office Suite.

According to Microsoft, the candidate of this exam must be accustomed with the proper application of the primary features of MS Office Suite and demonstrate the same in the exam. The candidate must be able to use MS Office for various purposes such as editing 500-1000 words document, creating reports, making tables and multi-column newsletters to name a few.

Humza is a student of class one at a local school where his teachers are very proud of his achievement and still cannot believe that their pupil has cleared this exam. His father explained that previously MCP exams used to be very simple and MCQs based, but the format of exams have changed dramatically. Instead of MCQs, the candidates are asked to create a complete Word Project by applying various tools and techniques. The new exam format makes it difficult to pass the exam without having a complete grip on the product itself.

The champ’s parents told that it took more than 6 months to prepare their son for the exam and for them, the true inspiration was Arfa Karim. Humza started taking interest in technology when he was only 2 years old and got his first computer 6 months later. He has always been very observant in daily life from the start. He started solving complex puzzles at an early age. Not only that but he also has a remarkable academic record as well. His teachers also said that Humza was always the star child in his class.

Humza’s parents are overly joyed about their son’s achievement and they are glad that their son has achieved something that has a place in history at a very young age.

The prodigy not only made his parents, but the entire country proud. With so much bad press now a days, this is something that highlights the positive side of Pakistan.

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