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7 Things We Love About Motorola Nexus 6

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If you were planning to buy the latest Motorola Nexus 6 and have been put down by, let’s say some of its discouraging features, we’d like to tell you that not all is bad news. Alongside being behemoth of a smartphone, the specs it packs are matched by its size in superiority.

We’ve compiled a list of some of its best features, go through them and see if they sway your decision to choose an alternative in Nexus 6’s place.

1. Huge 2K Display


The size of Motorola Nexus 6 might not agree with everyone’s hands but it is a blessing for those who use their smartphones for excessive media consumption.

Nexus 6 packs a 2K display of QHD order with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, which translates to a pixel density of 493ppi. There are only a few other smartphones (most notably LG G3 and Samsung Note 4) which can claim a display resolution anything near that. A display this powerful really ought to put the battery through its paces and the end result depends on Android Lollipop’s power management capabilities, nonetheless, it’s a great, forward-thinking feature to have in your smartphone that goes hand-in-hand with other features such as 4K video recording.

2. Front-facing Stereo Speakers


HTC received a lot of praise for adding front-facing stereo speakers to its flagship One M7, and that is what every smartphone manufacturer in their right mind should be doing from now on.

Motorola sure did take care of that, and after 2014 editions of Moto G and Moto X, the Nexus 6 also features stereo speakers that actually face the user instead of their feet or hands when they are being used.

3. Android Lollipop


Motorola Nexus 6, like the recently-announced HTC Nexus 9, will come with Android 5.0 Lollipop pre-installed, and inherently enjoys all the privileges reserved for the Nexus and Google Play Edition devices.

One of the advantages Nexus devices boast over their contemporary Android counterparts is that they come completely void of any bloatware. A pure and unadulterated—otherwise known as Stock—software is the fastest and cleanest (although not as productive in some cases) experience an Android device can offer. Secondly, these are guaranteed to the first devices in line to receive any future software updates for at least 18 months (By a stroke of luck, this period has also seen an increase to 2 years in Nexus 4 and original Nexus 7’s case).

4. Internal Memory


Apple recently removed the 32GB storage option from both of its iPhone and iPad lineups, perhaps to justify the additional $100 it charges for the next step-up in storage capacity; Nexus series, on the other hand, took a different path: there is no 16GB model for Nexus 6.

The base model of Motorola Nexus 6 has 32GB of storage, and it goes perfectly along with the beastly 3GB RAM. There is still no 128GB option like the iPhone family, but 32GB and 64GB options are quite enough to cater to the needs for almost everyone, especially now that the cloud storage is becoming cheaper and more popular. These memory options also ought to take care of the lack of a card slot.

5. 4K Video Recording


If your phone is capable enough to push over 3-and-a-half million pixels at any given instant, it’s only fair that its camera should be able to consume that much as well. Motorola Nexus 6 can shoot Ultra HD 2160p (MPEG4, H.264; 30fps) videos alongside the regular 1080p HD capture.

We have our reservations against the stock Android camera app’s features (lack of slo-mo, etc.), and a lot of battery power and storage will be required for 4K video recording as well, but it’s a sweet feature that is increasingly gaining popularity and can prove to be exceedingly useful for power users like videographers and such.

6. Water Resistance


Caught you by surprise, didn’t it? A lot of people don’t know that Nexus 6 is water-resistant because no one’s really talking about this. But Motorola has managed to add some level of water resistance to all of its latest offerings, from Moto G to Moto X, and now the Nexus 6.

Now the phone being “water resistant” doesn’t necessarily mean that you can take selfies with it while swimming or answer a call during shower; still there’s a fair chance that the phone won’t really mind if you accidentally splash some water on top of it while dining or take a walk in a drizzle while carrying it in your pocket. Those are still pretty substantial blessings, if you ask us.

7. Turbo & Wireless Charging


Nexus 6 packs a 3,220 mAh battery that officially promises a pretty average 24-hour mixed usage. While it is definitely not as impressive as Xperia Z3’s 50-hour-plus battery life, and is non user-replaceable, it has a couple of neat tricks up its sleeve.

First one is Turbo Charging: this feature lets the users recharge the battery for 6 hours of usage in just about 15 minutes, which could come in really handy when you have to quickly prepare for an outdoor setting after a full day of phone usage.

Secondly, like two previous Nexus devices before it, Nexus 6 offers wireless charging support. Any Qi technology-based charger can be used to charge the device without having to fumble around with cables, and it’s another nifty feature that you have to use to see its worth.

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Written by Uzair Ahmed
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