7 things you do when you buy an expensive phone

Written by Asadullah Babar ·  2 min read >

Apple iPhone X, Samsung S8+ and Pixel 2 XL; you have quite a few options to choose from when it comes to buying a premium smartphone. I think for most of us, it’s not easy to convince ourselves to buy a ~$1000 dollars device but now that you’ve finally bought an expensive phone, your way of dealing with a smartphone changes drastically.

Let’s take a look at how you deal with your new smartphone.

1. Extraordinary care for your smartphone

When you buy an expensive smartphone, it becomes the center of your entire universe. You love your new phone and handle it with love and care; like a newborn.

You buy a screen protector, a back cover & special cloth to clean the screen. Which makes sense, a $1000 dollar phone can totally use another dollar for protecting the screen from scratches. If you are unlucky to find a cover for your specific model – you will probably find an identical sized cover and try fitting that on your smartphone.

You care about your smartphone so much that you’re probably willing to do wonders to protect it – even keeping it away from your siblings, kids, and relatives. You always make sure that your smartphone is placed somewhere secure. That’s a sign.


2. Showing it off to your siblings

Why spend a thousand dollars when you can’t brag about it in front of your friends and colleagues? Researchers have found that the likelihood of showing off your smartphone is directly proportional to its price. Or in other words, the expensive the phone is – the more it’s going to stay out of your pocket.

Are you using your phone’s most exclusive gestures just in front of your friends? That’s another sign.


3. Exploring all the new gestures & features

One of the first real things that you do is exploring all of its gestures and features. This is the phase where you’re trying to justify to yourself the $1000 price tag. And you will also show these to your family members so they know what your phone is truly capable of. Right now, you’re just happy that your Bae is as good as advertised.


4. Trying out the new camera

The new camera likely uses AI, True Depth Technology and much more to make sure you look better in your pictures than you actually are. The only way to know if that works as well as advertised is to take a lot of pictures. You have already embarked on the mission to test your phone camera to its fullest – trying different angles, light conditions and selfie pose. You are putting your Bae through a lot of testing.


5. Increasing your phone-time

You have just spent a thousand dollars over a 5.8-inch screen – it’s very likely that you will spend most of your extra time just staring at it. Do you need to charge your 3300 mAh battery twice a day? Are you skipping lunch these days? Do you keep checking your phone even when it’s not buzzing? Does your day seem to get shorter? You’re likely spending too much time with your new Bae – and that’s another sign.


6. “Hey, grab me my red iPhone X”

When you care about someone in real life, you’re likely to call them by their nickname. However, that is not the case with smartphones. The more you’re into your smartphone, the more you are likely to refer it with its proper model. Do you often find yourself often asking your siblings to grab your Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus for you? Well, that’s a big sign that you’re in love with your new Bae.


7. Evangelising

Recommending your new amazing phone to the world is a must. You tell everyone you know to buy the same phone even when they’re not even considering to get a new phone – as if you get paid a commission for the sales! (you don’t…. right?).

When no one gets you, you end up wondering if you’re surrounded by people who don’t really understand how to spend money well. Well, that’s a sign that you’re obsessed with your new Bae.

Well, we all have done at least some of the things mentioned above with our new smartphones.

Do you think there’s something I missed in the list above? Let me know!