A MacBook Selfie Stick is as useless as it sounds

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Macbook Selfie

The list of things you can strap to a selfie stick without looking like a weird person is a really small one, and thanks to a new experiment, we are now quite sure that a MacBook is definitely not on that list.

As a part of an art project, a group of artists consisting of Moises (Art404), John Yuyi and Tom Galle decided to reveal the lunacy of snapping selfies by gigantic devices by taking it to the absolute extreme. They went out in public with a huge MacBook strapped to a normal-sized selfie stick.

Even taking a picture on an iPad in public is stretching the boundaries a bit so what happens if you strap a MacBook to a selfie stick? Not surprisingly, it looks even stupider than you can imagine. The picture attached above illustrate the complete abnormality of their action.

Despite claiming a number of lives in the past month alone, selfies are still the favorite past time for young people aroudn the world and selfie sticks are the new cheap gadgets that seem to exist everywhere you go. Even though they have been banned in a lot of places around the world, they still seem to turn up somehow. Usually though, the only things you would see strapped to one would be a moderate-sized smartphone, or a phablet, or at most, a small tablet. Any bigger than that and you are bound to be called an unhinged selfie-addict, like in this case.

Source- MacBookSelfieStick

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