A Pakistani software house made a desktop app which makes Windows 10 Smarter

Talha Ikram Written by Talha Ikram · 1 min read>

COVID-19 has shifted most of the world to work from home but it gets really hard managing everything on your laptop with your kids nagging you to let them play too. Sometimes the power goes out unexpectedly and you lose everything you were working on. Those hundreds of chrome tabs gone, all that research. What do you do now?


FiveRivers Technologies has the answer. They have made a desktop app that makes Windows smarter and your life easier. The SmartWindows app lets you do everything from automatically saving your work to saving your opened tabs to redisplaying apps at the same position to letting you manage multiple profiles. All this happens instantly as well.


When it comes to Work From Home (WFH) or remote work, enhancing your focus and preventing yourself from procrastinating or getting distracted are the keys to success. With SmartWindows, there is no need to worry about unexpected browsers or tabs crashing anymore, not to mention unscheduled computer restarts. Even if these tech issues do occur, SmartWindows picks up from exactly where you left off immediately by reopening active applications that you were using.


Let’s say you WFH in a Windows 10 environment and create profiles on up to 6 displays. You have to manage application positioning including restoring apps to the exact position and size at the time of saving. This means getting all your applications (and browser tabs) right. You should also be able to rewrite your profiles to accommodate new changes and save browsers with their opened URLs. These are some instances of what you would expect in a feature-rich productivity app.


To ensure that you streamline your workflows effectively, SmartWindows not only maintains an active tab history and saves browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) size and position. It looks up configurations and declutters to give you peace of mind by closing or minimizing profiles that do not have any apps saved in them.


You can view a demo as well if you’re still not convinced.


You must be wondering about the price, right?


Head over here if you’re interested in the app!