A UAE-based startup now expanding its operations to Pakistan’s Logistic industry

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August 24, 2020
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Trukkin is an online platform that connects the truckers and shippers according to the logistics needs. Each type of vehicle is offered through its platform includes pickup trucks, trailers, box trailers, and flatbed trucks. The startup was founded in UAE by Janardan Dalmia. It has been operated across the Middle East and North Africa since 2017.

In an interview with a news resource, the company said its online platform solves the inherent problems of different transportation industry stakeholders, including transporters, shippers, brokers, and truck drivers. You can simplify payment, standardized documentation, and waybills and helps in increased profit for everyone involved.

Through this online platform, shippers can receive instant notifications after submitting their load details on the mobile application. The shippers can also track down their shipment details in real-time through SMS or updates and email.

The logistic platform is beginning with Karachi but has plans to expand across the country, including Lahore the second-largest city of Pakistan. It is conducting its operation manually, but in your future, more cities will be added in its Transporter Registers Section.

Trukkin posted a statement which stated that since 2017 the industry of transportation in Pakistan has been growing at a CAGR of over 18%. Not just that, the industry is valued at over 35 billion too. Trukkin’s report noted that inefficiencies in Pakistan’s generally unorganized transportation and logistics sector cost the economy of nearly PKR 500 billion every year.

Trukkin aims to bring some order into the transportation and logistics sector through its tech platform. Another UAE-based online trucking platform similar to ‘Trukkin’ working effectively in Pakistan is known as Lorryz.

The CEO of Trukkin said: “Today’s launch of Trukkin Pakistan is the beginning of a new movement that will completely revolutionize the way the transportation industry functions. At Trukkin, we aim to empower everyone involved in the transportation business- from truck drivers to brokers, shippers, and transportation fleet owners, using cutting edge technology to replay archaic systems that are prone to human error and fraud. It is going to help in reducing transportation timelines its associated cost while increasing profit for everyone involved.”

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