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After Social Media Popularity, Gullu Butt now has his own Android app!

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  58 sec read >

Gullu Butt, a ‘police tout’ exposed in the attack on TUQ supporters in Model Town Lahore has quickly become the center of jokes on Social Media. Tweets, Facebook posts and Memes, you name it and it has been dedicated to Gullu Butt, the vandal who has seen a sudden rise to fame. From condemning tweets to hilarious memes, all sorts of Gullu Butt posts frequented the average Pakistan’s timeline.

Top 5 #GulluButt Memes

1) Gullu Butt starring in DDL


2) And representing Pakistan in the World Cup, with a baseball of course


3) Starring in an Emirates ad,

4) In polite conversation with Marilyn Monroe

5) And in case you didn’t know, Gullu Butt is the reason Titanic sank


The Gullu Butt Android App

As if over night social media popularity was not enough, there is a Gullu Butt app in the Playstore now! WeirdScience has developed a game called Gullu. Launched on 21st June, the game already has 975 reviews on the Google Play.


The game itself is simple and prone to crashes. All you have to do is swing the stick, break the glass windows of the car and collect them. What is interesting is the lion, the symbol of a well known political party and the police force in the background.

While the application isn’t the best you can get, it is a close enough depiction and dramatization of the political incident that took place in Model Town recently. The game reflects how integrated Pakistani politics has become in an average citizen’s life.

Download Gullu Now!

What do you think of Gullu, the game and the phenomenon of Gullu Butt itself? Tell us in the comments below!

Written by Qurat Zafar
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