AI Can Replace Humans In Four Keys Industries And Leave Billions Without Jobs

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Artificial Intelligence has taken the place of many human operating tasks. According to experts, Artificial Intelligence could one day replace human workers in four key industries.

According to the news reported by CNN, Peter Bergen says that experts have speculated AI will replace humans in fields such as insurance, underwriting and manufacturing, customer service, and other areas.

In addition, Bergen has expressed his concern that AI may overtake writers.
“For the past several days, I have been hearing about the AI chatbot and ChatGPT. Users of the tool claim to be able to write coherent essays and op-eds in seconds”, says Bergen.

Therefore, I signed up to try it and asked it to perform a task I had previously believed required at least some skills. Furthermore, I wondered about ChatGPT to “write an op-ed in the style of Peter Bergen.
Though quite impressive, the journalist claimed that the AI-generated opinion piece had some factual errors.

AI can replace humans

Moreover, Bergen explained the errors that happened by ChatGPT creation in 2021. Not only this, but they also shared a potential need for more knowledge of current events.

Later, he asked the AI-powered tool a historical question about the role of women in the French Revolution.
The answer was not the same as Bergen was expecting and, like the work of leading historians but did “suggest a future in which college students will likely be able to submit complicated and long papers that AI entirely generates.”

What does attending a liberal arts college entail, then? Why go through all the trouble and expense? Asked Bergen
He continued, “So I head into 2023 with a sobering realization. My career as a CNN op-ed writer, which began in earnest over a decade ago, may not exactly be over since AI-generated op-ed makes factual errors-just as humans do.

However, these are typically caught during the fact-checking process”.
“Yet my writing career could still go off the grocery checkout jobs eliminated by automation.”

Moreover, he also said that AI technology is enhancing daily as it has made things and life relatively easy. Additionally, AI-written op-eds from real human ones will get more challenging over time.

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