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AI-powered app can detect COVID-19 with 80% accuracy using only a person’s voice

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Companies are increasingly investing in developing solutions to pre-screen people using technologies such as voice and mobile apps to predict if someone has COVID-19. In a new development, Vocalis Health has developed an AI-based app that identifies voice characteristics of patients having various diseases, including COVID-19, without needing to visit a hospital or putting stress on the local healthcare systems, reports The Next Web.

The company describes it as “A Highly scalable COVID-19 screening tool.”

Vocalis’ solution could help in situations where screening methods such as temperature guns can’t detect asymptotic patients. Vocalis collects many data related to a person’s voice.

The firm’s algorithm extracts 512 features from a voice sample and makes an image — a spectrogram — with which it can diagnose possible diseases.

When the company aims to help detect a specific disease, it first holds clinical trials to recognize what kind of voice recordings it would need to collect to identify it and what signatures in the audio it will need to pinpoint.

The company’s pre-training dataset includes over 275,000 different speakers in various languages to make it universally accessible.

The firm wants to acquire more datasets to make its COVID-19 detection more robust and accurate for the future. Plus, it’s looking to commercialize the solution and make it available for more regions.

Source: The Next Web

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