China Is All Set To Spend $40 Billion On Computer Chips to Counter US Trade Ban

The chip war is rising, and China and the U.S. compete against each other. China is reportedly preparing to...

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Sep 6 · >

AI Helps Identify Metabolic Biomakers That Could predict Cancer Risk

As we know, AI has taken the lead in almost every field. AI is everywhere, whether we talk about...

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Sep 6 · >

Hong Kong Universities Relent To Rise And Other AI Tools For Teaching And Assignments But Keep Eye Out For Plagiarism

Ashley Kam Cheuk, a second-year marketing student at the Hong Kong University And Technology, was assigned to design an...

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Sep 5 · >

The Amazing AI Tool Can Recreate Mesmerizing Images Of You:Bye Bye Photographers

Many of us are very fond of taking pictures and selfies daily. Imagine yourself as an influencer and your...

Sep 4 · >

Google Introduces Generative AI to Search in India and Japan

First launched in the United States, Google generative AI Search will show text and image results or even summaries...

Aug 31 · >

Google Now Blurs Sexually Explicit Images by Default

Users who do not want the browser to blur explicit image results can simply go into their settings and...

Aug 31 · >

Good News For Developers And Coders!Llama ‘AI Tool Can Write And Fix Code Mistakes Too

The emergence of artificial intelligence has revolutionized the world and changed its shape. Artificial intelligence is trying to make...

Aug 31 · >

US and China in a Head-to-Head Competition:AI Chip War

By 2027, semiconductor consumption is expected to increase by $100 billion. This surplus is because of the high demand...

Aug 29 · >

Uber Eats is Reportedly Developing AI Chatbot that Offers Recommendations

Uber Eats competitor DoorDash has also announced a new AI-powered voice ordering technology, which will allow restaurants to increase...

Aug 29 · >

Generative AI: The Next Big Thing In Grocery Retail

Grocers are adapting generative AI more quickly than expected Generative AI is used more frequently in the grocery industry...

Aug 24 · >

Khan Academy Launches AI Chatbot Tutor Named ‘Khanmigo’

More than 8000 teachers and students will now test and provide feedback on the Khan Academy AI Chatbot in...

Aug 24 · >

Google is Building an AI That Offers Life Advice

Recent report from the New York Times suggests that Google has teamed up with the DeepMind research lab and...

Aug 23 · >