Artificial Intelligence Might Make it Possible For You to Talk to Your Pet

Named the ‘Dr Doolittle device’, this AI device will be able to decode animal communication and understand animal languages...

Jan 16 ·>
Animal Communication AI

NCAI Announces Nationwide AI Challenge With Cash Prizes For Students

Named the AI Tech Verse, the AI competition will take place on 21-23 February at the National University of...

Jan 12 ·>
Artificial intelligence competition

Microsoft to Invest $10 Billion in Chat GPT AI

Its reported that the owner and operator of Chat GPT is in discussion with Microsoft, once completed, this $10...

Jan 11 ·>

Meet Aeo: A Robot That Patrols and Disinfect Hospitals

The Aeo can deliver items, perform a UV germicidal disinfection, provide care for the elderly, and even work as...

Jan 6 ·>
Aeo robot

McDonald’s Opens Up its First Fully Automated Restaurant

While there are employees preparing meals in the kitchen, the process eliminates client interaction and aims to improve order...

Dec 27 ·>
McDonald automated restaurant Texas

AI Bots Doing Schoolwork Could Possibly Blow Up the Education System: Says Former Teacher

Writing coach Peter Laffin believes that with AI getting smarter each day, teachers must evolve their teaching methods Almost...

Dec 9 ·>
AI doing homework

Elon Musk Is Laying Off Even More Twitter Workers

On Monday, Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, announced a new wave of layoffs affecting Twitter sales teams. Elon Musk...

Nov 22 ·>

Mardan Police Launches AI-Powered Technologies For Better Services

Atif Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Science Technology & Information Technology, Food, Sports and Youth Affairs launched Mardan’s AI-based...

Oct 22 ·>
mardan police

Meet Echo: A Robot That’s Friends with Emperor Penguins

Small and Yellow, Echo currently lives with a colony of emperor penguins and is studying the impact of global...

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Sep 13 ·>
Echo Robot

Robot Is Appointed As CEO Of A $10 Billion Chinese Metaverse Company

‘Ms. Tang Yu’ is an AI-powered virtual humanoid robot appointed as the Rotating CEO of a Chinese Metverse Giant,...

Sep 12 ·>

Worried About Human Mind Readers, Well Now AI Can Do It Too!

We all have had nightmares of a person reading what’s in our minds, enabling him to leak all of...

Sep 6 ·>
Artificial intelligence

TrashBot; A Colorado-based company that utilizes AI to sort recyclables

Several new firms are now trying to use robots to sort waste better. When it comes to recycling and...

Aug 13 ·>