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Amazon registered over 30 Pakistani sellers on their platform

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Pakistan is currently going through the process of registering the e-sellers with Amazon. By far over 30 sellers have been registered with the e-commerce giant. The registered sellers are intended to sell sports, surgical, and household goods. It is expected that different goods sectors will be included in the list shortly.

The arrangement was announced last week by Abdul Razzak Dawood the adviser of Prime Minister on commerce and investment while chairing a meeting with National e-Commerce Council. During the meeting, a short video message by the director of the World Trade Organization was also shared in which the e-commerce policies of Pakistan were appreciated.

Abdul Razzak shared the progress report made after the establishment of e-commerce policy in the country. The policy was approved by the government on 1st October 2019. He also appreciated the public and private sectors for their cooperation.

According to Dawood, better accessibility to the Internet has helped the e-commerce sectors to a great level. He also said due to the lockdown situation in the country, the e-commerce trend has accelerated at a high pace making it a crucial sector in the economy of the country.

The consumer Protection Councils and the Consumer Rights Commission representative also stated in the meeting that the provincial and federal consumer laws are being amended to include e-commerce and issues arising from this sector.

The Securities and Exchange Commissions of Pakistan informed the other participants that many new initiatives were being planned to stimulate e-commerce, including a discrete segment of classifications in e-commerce. About 152 small and large scale businesses have been registered on the portal that has decreased the period needed to register a company to 4 hours.

Addressing the meeting, the Commerce Secretary said that the Ministry of commerce will continually engage with the foreign exchange of the country while exploring a new market for traders. In this manner, the registration of Pakistani sellers with Amazon is a new milestone.

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