Apple starts selling refurbished iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

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All those people who have been trying to get their hands on Apple products especially the iPhones and haven’t been able to do so owing to the premium price tag are now in for a good news. Apple has just started selling the refurbished iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models.

Both of the iPhone 7 iterations are now available with different storage options. Apple’s refurbished phones are thoroughly tested and include a 1-year warranty right off the bat. The phones have a brand new case and the box is totally new as well. All those worried about the #batterygate of Apple can have a sigh of relief because these phones come with brand new batteries installed.

Refurbished iPhone 7 stands at $499 for a 32GB model, $589 for 128GB and $679 for a 256GB model. This means you are getting almost $70 discount when you choose to buy a refurbished item rather than the new iPhone 7. iPhone 7 Plus refurbished models stand at $599 for a 32 GB model, $689 for 128GB of storage.

Apple’s refurbished iPhones which are shiny and original-looking are almost as good as the original ones, targetted for those, who are on a budget.

The past few months have been very tough for Apple. First came the #batterygate, in which the founder of GeekBench claimed that Apple is purposely slowing down batteries of old iPhones. The claim received mixed reactions initially but once it was reported all over. Apple had to step forward and agree that yes it is slowing down iPhone but ‘in order to increase their life and improve their performance’. Ever since Apple has been facing several lawsuits in different states and countries.

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