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Apple’s Beats Launches Studio Buds – It’s First Transparent Product in Ages

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Beats new version of its Studio Buds is not just transparent but also includes a number of new features such as noise cancellation and longer battery life

While headphones companies continue to introduce unique and appealing colors, Beats has stepped up the game by turning the newest version of its Studio Buds ‘transparent’. Apart from being transparent, the Beats Studio Buds+ includes a range of new features such as noise cancellation and an increased battery life.

A one of a kind, the transparent studio buds will allow users to see the electronics and hardware inside the earbuds and even its charging case.

This is the first time in many years that Apple, the parent company to Beats, has launched a transparent product; With the company having a history of transparent products that goes as far back as the late 1990s.

Apple is believed to have pioneered see-through technology by releasing the translucent iMac G3, which became a massive hit and was loved by all Apple users.

Other transparent technology devices that followed after the iMac G3 includes the infamous Nintendo’s translucent Gameboys.

Public interest in transparent technology design eventually faded away but it seems like Apple wants to revive it once again.

Before Apple, however, the ‘Nothing’ phone company introduced a ‘see-through phone’, which allows users to see the components inside their smartphones, giving them a more techy look and feel.

According to details, the Beats Studio Buds+ are inspired by designs inspired by mockups that Beats created to explain to customers what the insides of their products look like.

“As our fastest-selling product ever since its launch, Beats Studio Buds are beloved earphones for so many people around the world and we’re thrilled to be taking them to the next level,” said Beats and Apple Music vice president Oliver Schusser in his statement.
“With beautiful new colours to choose from and vast improvements to Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency, call performance and battery life, Beats Studio Buds + deliver an unmatched combination of fashion and function for both iOS and Android consumers,” he added.


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