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As per PTA’s new survey the performance of popular Cellular Operators in the country is ‘Non-Satisfactory’

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  1 min read >

PTA S -When it comes to Key performance indicators, it seems as if the operators like Telenor, Zong, and Jazz have not performed up to the mark. The findings were forwarded in the ‘Quality of Service’ survey conducted by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or PTA. The survey was conducted in collaboration with the Cellular Mobile Operations or CMO.

The survey was Performed from January to March of 2020 in three cities of Pakistan that are Sheikhupura and Gujar Khan situated in Punjab and Mansehra of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. As per the Quality of Service survey, Only Ufone has met the KPIs provided by the PTA. The data service performance of different cellular operators has been analyzed via User Data Throughput and the Signal Strength.

The User Data Throughput’s Key Performance Indicators define the rate of Internet speed provided to the users. of the region. The analysis was done for the users of different cellular operators all across the coverage areas. The user data throughput of 3G services must be higher than 256 Kbps whereas the user data throughput for the 4G service must be higher than the value of 2 Mbps

The threshold user data throughput for the 3g network was met by all of the operators. However, Telenor did not meet the user data throughput for the 4G services in the coverage area of Mansehra.

When it comes to calling connection time, it’s the span between sending of complete call initiation information by the caller and in return receipt of call setup notification. Telenor has failed to meet the call connection time by value of 6.5 percent in the rural areas of Gujar khan whereas Zong hadn’t met the threshold value by 6.5 percent in the coverage areas of Mansehra.

Besides that, the survey also contained information on other factors such as call completion ratio, Inter System Handover, and SMS Reliability, etc