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Assess the real estate market like a pro with these tools

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The real estate market of Pakistan is undergoing a transition, as a result of which it is creating trends that can confuse even the savviest buyers. Further, with the crackdown on black money parked in the property currently underway, along with the introduction of new taxation policies, there has been a decided slowdown in market activity.

A few years ago, speculation and price fluctuation in Pakistani real estate had created a stock market-like situation – with property transactions taking place at lightning speed and prices undergoing artificial inflation. This made the home buying almost an impossible task for most people.

To counter these trends, and to stabilize the property sector, the aforementioned taxation and transparency measures were introduced. These, coupled with political and economic changes in the country, led to a considerable slowdown of real estate market activity.

Now, people are uncertain about exploring property options in order to avail maximum benefits in this new era of technological advancement. Speaking of tech, there are a number of user-friendly tools that enable stakeholders to get a better understanding of the market and make well-informed purchase decisions.

Explore a variety of options

One of the most important parts of making any well-informed real estate decisions is to consider as many options as possible. However, unless you have one common database where you can access a large number of properties suitable for your needs, the process can be quite arduous. An online property portal is your best bet in this case, with being the prime example. Take a thorough look at the options you’re interested in without feeling the need to make phone calls and undertake commute. This versatile platform will help you with your buying, selling, and renting efforts – so do scour the website before commencing with your property finalisation.

Get an idea of the surrounding areas

It might not be viable, or even possible, for people to physically visit all the places they’re interested in when they’re searching for a suitable property option for their needs. This is especially true for overseas buyers, for whom site visits involve expensive flights and a lot of hassle.

To facilitate this measure, has come up with yet another innovative utility called Plot Finder. This web-based feature lets prospective buyers take an aerial look at the plots they’re interested in; with a project map laid out on a geographically accurate city map; in addition to providing views of the surrounding areas. Also check out their Area Guides, which give a detailed description of the areas and the facilities accessible there.

Assess historic market trends

As with every market, keeping an eye on price trends is crucial for making wise decisions. This is particularly important for investors, who depend on these trends for returns on investment. As for genuine buyers, they can also gauge the right time and place to buy property that falls within their income bracket and requirements.

Zameen Index and Zameen Trends are the two tools that have collected data over more than a decade and provide historic views of price changes, along with graphical representations. These features give a holistic view of the market, equipping stakeholders with enough knowledge to make wise decisions.

Get in touch with experts

Knowing the market buzz is an important aspect in being property-savvy. So, community discussions and expert advice can play a key role in helping people make the best decisions. Moreover, knowing the top players in the market and being in touch with them comes off as a huge bonus. Of course, not everyone has such personal contacts, so alternative solutions are required.

Social media has made things easier when it comes to gathering and sharing information. Whether it’s a real estate WhatsApp group, or an online discussions platform such as the Zameen Forum, interactions over the internet can be very helpful for both rookies and seasoned investors. These platforms often have agents working in the field, so the latest information is accessible in this way, along with all the social aspects that a more mechanical tool would ignore.

Make wise selling decisions

Nowadays, with all the options out there, it is not just enough to post listings in newspapers or even create online advertisements without some sort of boost; whether it is through marketing or finance.

For this purpose, Zameen is all set to introduce its latest tool, the Property Bank. This will let all those properties languishing without any proper push in the market to be sold in a more efficient manner. In this way the Property Bank will facilitate the most basic market principle – putting buyers and sellers together and benefitting all participants.

In conclusion, there is a wide range of tools available for people to conveniently navigate the real estate market. These utilities are all easy to use and designed to make life easier for both first-time buyers and seasoned investors.

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