BioBeing won second place at the Civic Hackathon 2020 for its idea of reusing cooking oil as Biodiesel

Written by Talha Ikram ·  46 sec read >

Winning PKR 200,000 for second place at the Civic Hackathon 2020 held from December 4-13 2020, BioBeing is a startup that is hoping to power Pakistan from waste more or less. The startup is co-founded by Mohsin Ali, Syed Wamiq Ali Jafri, Ali Riaz, and one other. They are a diverse team with backgrounds in Marketing, Chemical, Biofuel Industry, and Computer Science.

What the startup does is that they go to restaurants that sell their used cooking oil and they acquire this oil. Then they clean this and convert it into something called Bio-Diesel. This is a versatile biofuel that is renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. It can be used to power any car with a diesel engine without any modification while producing 78.5 percent fewer carbon dioxide emissions than petroleum diesel.

This has health benefits as well. Reused cooking oil is one of the major reasons for cardiovascular disease and cancer because it is carcinogenic. The best part is that their conversion process takes only 10 mins. This can allow them to produce bio-diesel on a large scale. Cheaper biodiesel that gives you reduced carbon emission and a better fuel economy (by 30%), what more could you want?

Mohsin Ali developed the startup’s mobile app and you can see a cool demo below.

Image Source: BioBeing