Bitcoin sinks below $5,000 for the first time in the year

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Bitcoin crashing

Bitcoin tumble-down continues as the cryptocurrency went below the $5,000 mark for the first time in 13 months’ time.

The cryptocurrency market-leader Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies fell over the tip yesterday with Bitcoin going below the $5,000 mark amid uncertainty regarding the currency’s future. Forbes reports that the Bitcoin’s market capitalization now stands at $90 billion compared to that of more than $110 billion from a couple of weeks back.

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The cryptocurrency hit a low value of $4,951 yesterday by falling 9%, it’s a considerably low value because the currency had gone relatively stable at a price mark of $6,400 for quite a few days. The other cryptocurrencies also didn’t do any good. Ripple was down by 5% while Ethereum took a dip of 13%.

Just last week, Bitcoin Cash split into two different cryptocurrencies as part of a hardfork and was divided into “Bitcoin ABC” and “Bitcoin SV”. Instead of pushing the graph up, the cryptocurrencies have started seeing a considerable fall. The currency had hit its peak value just over a year ago and ever since then, it has lost about 75% of its value in a year’s time period.

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