Call of Duty Overtakes PUBG to Become the Most Popular Mobile Game in the World

Written by Taha Abdullah ·  58 sec read >

With smartphone specifications getting more and more crazy every year, game development companies like Tencent have focused much of their attention on the mobile gaming segment and have started to bring their more hardcore titles to the mobile platform. The first major game to capture this newly formed and rapidly growing market was PUBG Mobile, but now, it’s spot as the number one mobile game in the world has been taken over by another multiplayer shooting game, Call of Duty Mobile.

On its way to knocking PUBG out of the top spot, Call of Duty was downloaded over 100 million times in its first week alone. That’s around 5 times more than either PUBG, with 28 million, or Fortnite managed in their first week after release. This may be due to Call of Duty’s already huge fanbase on console and PC, and the rising popularity of multiplayer shooters on the mobile platform. PUBG now occupies second place, with Minecraft on third.

Call of Duty Mobile functions a lot like its conventional versions. It offers many different maps including Crash, Nuketown and Killhouse, which are instantly recognizable to previous CoD players, and thrilling to new players. There are also multiple game modes such as free for all and team deathmatch. Players can choose between many different weapons, and try to get as many kills as possible.

Tencent managed to generate $17.7 million from the game in the first month alone, with profits predicted to grow even more in the near future. This goes to show that mobile games are a huge market in today’s world of super smartphones featuring ever-faster processors and insane amounts of RAM.