Careem Bike and Rickshaw would charge less now! Prices reduced

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Back in January this year, Careem, the most well-received ride-hailing service in the region, raised its fares in some cities due to an increase in fuel prices. However, this month, the company has decided to do the opposite of that as reportedly the prices for two of the Careem services has been reduced.

Speaking of the services, the company has reduced the fares of Careem Bike and Careem Tezz (Rickshaw service). These were the company’s cheaper ride options, which the firm has now made even more affordable to the general public.

Coming to the price update, the per kilometer rate and per minute charge for both the bikes and rickshaws of Careem have been reconditioned.

Now, if you wish to choose Careem bike service, the ‘first five kilometers’ will cost just Rs. 49. For the additional charges along with the base fare:

  • Rs. 5 for additional per kilometer charge using Careem Bike.
  • Rs. 2 for additional per minute charge using Careem Bike.

With the company’s rickshaw service – Careem Tezz, the riders can now travel the ‘first five kilometers’ for Rs. 60 only. Alongside the base fare, the additional cost will be calculated with the following charges:

  • Rs. 13 for additional per kilometer charge using Careem Tezz.
  • Rs. 2.5 for additional per minute charge using Careem Tezz.

In case you are wondering that how much will a ride from your place to a specific destination will cost with the updated prices. You can check out Careem’s official Fare Calculator on their website, from here.

If you are on a smartphone, you can look over the reduced fares by downloading Careem app for either Android or iOS.

Would you use Careem more often now? Let us know how you feel about this.
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