Careem captain abused by Taxi drivers

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A Careem captain was allegedly manhandled and abused by taxi drivers. The incident was reported by a Facebook user who was an eye witness to this whole scene.

What went down in the incident?

According to Awais Ahmed Khan, a Careem user, as he got out of the Daewoo terminal in Islamabad and was approached by his Careem driver, the taxi drivers present around the area started abusing the Careem driver. They manhandled him and claimed that he was in “their area.”

Relationship between Careem and Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers are of the view that Careem and other such services are cutting into their revenue. A few days ago, taxi driver’s union in Islamabad filed a complaint against Careem and 3 other such services, which resulted in the closing of their offices. This incident further highlights the growing animosity between taxi drivers and employees of app-based services like Careem.

Careem has yet to respond to this incident but they have acknowledged in the past that their drivers are facing many challenges like this.

Written by Shaoor Munir
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