Cellular Services suspended in Karachi due to Ashura, more cities to follow

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Sindh Government has asked the Federal Government to suspend mobile phone services in major cities of Sindh in order to tighten the security conditions during Ashura processions. But, according to media reports, the cellular services have already been suspended today in some parts of Karachi without any prior notice due to which residents are facing a huge trouble.

There is no information yet if the cellular services will be suspended in other major cities or not.

Last year, cellular services in as many as 52 cities were put on halt due to security threats. It is expected that the government will announce the plan later today.

The telecommunication companies will incur a huge loss due to a halt on their services. Just last year, it was reported that the telecom operators faced a loss of as much as Rs. 500M when the services remained suspended for 4 days in a row in the capital city, Islamabad.

The telecom industry has several times argued that suspension of cellular services is not a long-term solution to stopping terrorism. The government should find some alternative means as the telecom industry is working with minimal margins.

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