Chinese Company Will Provide More Free Solar Panels To Help Pakistan Cope With Power Shortage

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Chinese Solar Energy giant LONGi Green Energy Technology Co. Ltd will be installing more solar power plants commercially and solar panels domestically in order to help Pakistan when it is facing huge energy and natural crisis. According to  China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Monday, LONGi has signed an MoU with arguably the biggest bank in Pakistan HBL to help potential solar panel users.

Mr. Li Xiaopeng, Regional Sales Manager of Longi Solar said during his interview with CEN that;

“After entering summer, many areas in Pakistan suffered prolonged power outages, driving up people’s demand for solar panels on roofs. In the future, we will focus on distributed solar power in Pakistan, providing more solar panels on roofs for residents as well as industrial and commercial buildings”,

The company will also be contributing to the distribution of clean water and solar system to the flood-affected people in the hope to recover some damage and help them to at least survive this catastrophic event. Mr. Li told CEN that;

“In addition, we are working with our Pakistani partners to donate a 20KW solar energy system to a local school for the hearing-impaired. We will also roll out a scholarship program in Lahore this month to cover the tuition fee of 20 primary school students for a year” 

The company is adapting its products to cope with climate change as more severe climate changes are headed our way, such as the operation and maintenance of solar devices under high temperatures alert of extreme weather conditions, and methods to protect the solar devices when flood hits.

Xiaopeng also predicted that the production of green energy including solar, water, and wind will increase in Pakistan and the country would be able to overcome the shortage of electricity that challenges it every year. China will have to play a huge role in making this true and many Chinese companies are already working in Pakistan, especially in solar energy space and it seems like Xiaopeng’s statement will be true eventually. Xiaopeng added;

“Pakistan will add 3,000 MW of wind power and 7,000 MW of photovoltaic capacity by 2030 to meet its target of generating 25% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2025 and 30% by 2030. Undoubtedly, we will see very strong demand for new energy in Pakistan in the future. We are working with Pakistani partners to propel the country into the Gigawatt Era in terms of solar usage”

Similarly, earlier this year, another Chinese company Zonergy also installed a commercial solar system in a small city of Punjab to honor its  Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) and decided to install four solar panels in the Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur. A total of 325kW of electricity can be created by those four solar panels that are installed on different buildings of the hospital. A 40kW solar system is installed at the blood bank of the hospital. Other buildings on which solar systems were installed are the emergency buildings, and the cardiac and kidney centers.

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