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Zonergy signed 50MW Solar Modules Distribution Agreement with JinkoSolar in Pakistan

Zonergy, Largest Solar and ESS solutions provider in Pakistan, signed 50MW Solar modules distribution agreement with Jinko Solar Holding...

Dec 7 ·>

Zonergy showcase top of the line solar products at the 17th International Trade and Industrial Fair

Zonergy Solar development Pakistan has actively participated in the 17th International Trade and Industrial Fair of Pakistan. The 3...

Nov 23 ·>

Zonergy completes the Installation of 520 KW Solar Panel System at Alfatah Rice Mill, Kasur

Zonergy, pioneering the energy secure future for Pakistan, proudly announces the successful completion of 520 KW carried within the...

Oct 14 ·>

Zonergy successfully completed installation of NLC Solar project on Wagha Border

Zonergy has again paved the way for Pakistan’s energy secure future with the completion of the largest 102Kw NLC...

Oct 12 ·>

ZONERGY’s offering Cutting edge Solar Products for Pakistani Market

Pakistan’s energy crisis has existed for a long time. The gap between increasing population and the need for more...

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Oct 8 ·>

Electric Vehicles and Solar Energy

With Pakistan’s first-ever and still quite ambitious National Electric Vehicles Policy (NEVP) already approved by the authorities and finally...

Sep 23 ·>

Human hair can help create better solar panels, study finds

A carbon dot material can be derived from human hair and used to improve the performance of solar panels....

Apr 11 ·>

US tech firm to invest in Pakistan’s solar energy sector

The US-based firm named Solar Stick is planning to invest in Pakistan’s solar power sector through a joint venture...

Jun 26 ·>

Pakistan can generate 2.9 million megawatts energy from solar power in just one year, Minister

Pakistan has a great potential to generate clean energy from solar, wind and hydropower. Stressing the need for developing...

Mar 29 ·>

Google hits 100 percent renewable energy target

Google has met the goal of matching all of its global energy usages with purchases of renewable energy. In...

Apr 5 ·>
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EcoEnergy raises over $600,000 from SIMA funds

EcoEnergy is a pay-as-you-use solar energy provider in Pakistan. They have successfully penned down a debt finance deal with...

Mar 31 ·>
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Govt asks China-based company to set up solar manufacturing plant in Pakistan

Pakistan has asked the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer to develop a manufacturing plant on its territory. In a...

Jan 31 ·>