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COMSATS finally unveils Urdu version of “One Hundred Reasons to be a Scientist”

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With an aim to inspire the youth towards Sciences, COMSATS has launched the Urdu version of the famous book titled as “One Hundred Reasons to be a Scientist” during a dedicated event.

Published in 2004 by Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Italy, the book has been truly inspirational to the youth worldwide as it contains the essence of lives of about 91 scientists from the last half century. So far, the legendary book has been translated into many languages. The Urdu version of the book is about 480 pages long and the print version will cost PKR 1250.

The ceremony was held on 18th of August and was attended by various prominent personalities from science, technology, and literature. During the unveiling ceremony, the Executive Director COMSATS Dr Imtinan Elahi Qureshi described how difficult it actually was to translate this masterpiece which is known for its complex scientific language. Director NLPD Dr Anjum Hameed was also present on the occasion and communicated the message from the Adviser to the Prime Minister on National History and Literary Heritage to the audience.

Dr Imtinan Elahi Qureshi, himself has acted as the editor-in-chief of the book translation project. He was aided by a team of prominent scientists and literary scholars. The translator was Mr Zuhair Javed. The professional support was provided by the National Language Promotion Department of Pakistan. The book was published by CIIT Islamabad.CIITA renowned literary figure, Prof Fateh Muhammad Malik, the chief guest of the ceremony, also spoke on the occasion. He said, “Urdu translation of scientific literature, such as this book, is a commendable effort for scientific renaissance in our society”.

The soft copy of the Urdu version of the book can be downloaded from the COMSATS website free of cost while the English version can be downloaded from ICTP website here.

Source — Daily Times, Image —Wikipedia

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