COVID-19 Vaccine Called ‘Moderna’ Is Now Available Across Pakistan

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In recent news, the COVID-19 vaccine called ‘Moderna’ is now available for inoculation in numerous areas. Mass level of inoculations using the Moderna vaccine has begun at Islamabad’s F-9 Park area. Moreover, NCOC has even shared a list of the vaccination centers where Moderna will be available which consists of 5 locations in Punjab, 13 locations in KP, six locations in Gilgit-Baltistan, five locations in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, five locations in Islamabad Capital Territory, three locations in Balochistan and two locations in Sindh.

Following below is a criterion that must be met in order to receive the Moderna vaccine:
A. Those with comorbid conditions, e.g diabetes, hypertension, congestive cardiac failure, renal failure, chronic liver disease, malignancy, etc.
– Those who are chronically immunosuppressed.
1. Post organ transplantation, the patient may receive the vaccine 3 months after the transplantation procedure.
2. Post chemotherapy, the patient may receive the vaccine 28 days after chemotherapy.

B. Individuals with a mandatory requirement of vaccination for travel
– Overseas workers who have a mandatory need for travel for employment overseas with valid work visas/iqama in a country where Chinese vaccines are not accepted at present.
– Students.
– Those traveling for official or business purposes.

Moreover, women who are pregnant and lactating, falling under the above-listed categories can receive the Moderna vaccine.

So far a shipment of 700,000 doses has arrived from China. In addition, 1.3 million doses of Sinopharm have arrived as well followed by two million doses of the Sinovac vaccine.

Source: Technology Times

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