COVID-19 Vaccine Called ‘Moderna’ Is Now Available Across Pakistan

In recent news, the COVID-19 vaccine called ‘Moderna’ is now available for inoculation in numerous areas. Mass level of...

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Jul 7 · >

This company’s vaccine just reported 100pc success in preventing severe corona cases

Ever since Pfizer revealed its groundbreaking COVID-19 vaccine to the world, the possibility of a “magical cure” for the...

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Nov 30 · >

Chief Medical Officer at Moderna says COVID-19 vaccine not yet proven to stop spread of virus

Moderna has been working on its coronavirus vaccine for quite some time now. The Chief Medical Officer at the...

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Nov 25 · >

Pfizer, Moderna vaccine news leads to $1 trillion invested in the S&P 500

The past 10 days have caused US stocks to hit record highs, with Big Pharma companies like Pfizer and...

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Nov 18 · >