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Daihatsu Cast-Like Electric Vehicle Is Less Expensive Than Suzuki Alto

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Chinese automakers have captured most of the automobile market. They are gaining ground in the electric vehicle market by introducing several affordable electric vehicles. Lingbox recently introduced the Box Cai Wenji, an innovative and affordable electric car.

Nowadays, electric vehicles have captured the automobile market. Everyone plans to switch their ordinary vehicles to electric ones if they can afford them, as electric vehicles are environment-friendly and offers a capacity of 61.1 kWh. With a fully charged battery, you can drive up to 400 km.

The tiny car has all modern and advanced features. Box Cai Wenji is a rebadged all-electric version of the fantastic Daihatsu Cast hatchback. The tiny Box Cai Wenji competes with SAIC’s Cherry QQ, Changan Lumin Corn and Wuling Honguang Mini EV.

Besides, the company Lingbox plans to launch the Box Cai Wenji with 19.2 kWh officially. It is incorporated with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries that provide 220 kilometres of range.

Daihatsu Like EV

Box Cai Wenji Specifications

Box Cai Wenji is the three-tier variant, where the low and mid-tier variants will produce 41 horsepower. In contrast, the top-tier variant is 48 horsepower (hp). On paper, Box Cai Wenji has more power and a better range than all of its competitors.

Moreover, Box Cai Wenji has all the advanced features and specifications. It holds a floating touch screen that enables navigation and facilitates providing the correct direction. It also gives access to phones, music, radio and autonomous driving functions.

Additionally, it has climate control, a USB port, a 12- volt socket, hazard lights, and an engine starts/stop button. The car  by keeping in mind all the necessary features to facilitate the driver and passengers.
Moreover, the driver can easily view the range, speed, battery charge and energy consumption rate on an all-digital driver’s display screen. The center console includes a gear selector dial, drive mode selectors, and window switches.

Alas, Box Cai Wenji has a nearly Rs 1.8 million sticker, relatively inexpensive than Pakistan’s most popular economy car- the Alto. However, the primary aim is to cater to the needs of an average income person so that a person can avail all facilities and a luxurious car at reasonable prices.

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