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Elon Musk Lands in Beijing to Meet Chinese Officials

During his visit in China, Elon Musk is expected to meet with senior Chinese officials and visit Tesla’s Shanghai...

May 30 · >

New Budget Friendly Electric Car By VolksWagen: Arriving Soon

Volkswagen is introducing its new electric car prices under 25,000 euros ($26,300) The latest models provide them with the...

Mar 16 · >

Toyota’s New Prius PHEV Can Power A House For 5 Days

The new 5th generation 2023 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid (PHEV) is ready for sale after its world premiere in...

Mar 3 · >

At CES 2023, Volkswagen Unveiled It’s Electric Vehicle ID.7 Sedan

At CES 2023, Volkswagen revealed its ID.7 Sedan, the latest electric car The high-end ID.7 Sedan will compete with...

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Jan 4 · >

China Develops Power Station That Can Charge EVs In Just 12 Minutes

Chinese EV manufacturer NIO has originated a charging system that can charge 500kW in just 12 minutes. The new...

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Dec 29 · >

Israeli Startup Makes Inroads With Personal Flying Vehicle

Beersheva: An Israeli company has taken the initiative and designed an electric vehicle intended to fly commuters for short...

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Dec 23 · >

Daihatsu Cast-Like Electric Vehicle Is Less Expensive Than Suzuki Alto

Chinese automakers have captured most of the automobile market. They are gaining ground in the electric vehicle market by...

Nov 16 · >

Honda Showcases Exquisite Design of New EV For China

Honda unveiled a new and ravishing design for its electric concept car in China, previewing its future production models....

Nov 8 · >

Saudi Crown Prince Launches First Electric Vehicle Company

On Thursday, the Saudi crown prince announced the launch of the first brand of electric vehicle company. The objective...

Nov 4 · >

By 2030, Automakers Plan To Spend $1.2 Trillion On EV’s And Batteries

The world’s top automakers are planning to double their investments in electric vehicles by 2030. The aim is to...

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Oct 21 · >

The First Ever Flying Car Takes Off It’s First Flight In Dubai

Technology is advancing day by day, and we are witnessing innovations every day all around the world. Here we...

Oct 14 · >

This Pakistani is leading Mercedes-Benz into the electric vehicle market

Sajjad Khan, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG and Chief Technical Officer, is the man leading...

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Jan 8 · >