Dear hiring manager, please read this.

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Dear hiring manager, congratulations! You have hired a top notch individual with a salary half of his worth. You are over the moon on this achievement and will be showing that off to your CEO and reporting lines.

The guy you just hired in such a low salary is frustrated. He has a good degree, great working experience, and a passion to deliver. But, apparently, his time is not right. Despite a well-rounded profile and personality, he hasn’t been able to secure a deserving opportunity.

That guy is a sole bread earner of the family. You see, there are many strings attached. He had no other option than to just accept the job you offered. He knew the offer was no good. But now he has joined the organization. And you both know he is neither happy nor satisfied.

Nonetheless, that guy will work hard and deliver good results. You will be happy with him. But the end of every month will be a reminder for him that he is not getting what he deserves. He will be angry. Soon enough he will share these bitter feelings with his peers and family.

Dear hiring manager, you are investing time on this guys’ training. But that guy is not happy. He can’t stop thinking about his friends, earning double amount for the same work at other organizations. He is looking for fair opportunities which will reward him better for his efforts. He has realized that his peers are also not happy. They are all here because they had no other option. The employees have no will to stay at your workplace. Nobody loves this organization. Nobody is passionate about working here.

I hope you will understand that employees’ happiness is very important. With your hiring strategy, you are drilling holes in your organization. Slowly and steadily, you are breaking the workplace. You are hiring good resources but making them angry. In hopes to save a small amount, you are doing irreparable damage to the organization.

Dear hiring manager, now that frustrated guy has found a job with a fair salary. He is happy. He has resigned and you are pissed off because you had spent time and capital on this resource. Now, you will find another ‘frustrated’ resource, who will join you, till he finds a better and fair opportunity!

Written by Fatima Rizwan
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