Debunking the myth behind massive job posts and hiring opportunities on LinkedIn

We live in a world dominated by the blessings of Information Technology. As more and more businesses and people experience read more

Publish date:February 16, 2017

Fiberlink: Probably the best internet service provider in Pakistan

In my view, the condition and quality of internet connectivity in Pakistan is an under-discussed topic. All of us might read more

Publish date:February 13, 2017

8 reasons why Patari Music is an opportunity missed by Telenor and…

As I write this opinion, I am listening to one of my favorite childhood song — Chahat by Ali Haider read more

Publish date:January 17, 2017

IT and Medical Science together form the future

Scores of years ago, physicians, doctors and other medical professionals were the only ruling body in the realm of healthcare. read more

Publish date:December 29, 2016

Pakistani Entrepreneurs, this is why you should go and explore Silicon Valley

I went to see and discover Silicon Valley (no, not the HBO one, the real one) in October 2016 and read more

Publish date:December 20, 2016
Internet of Things

The Internet of Things could revitalize Pakistan’s IT Industry

With countless applications both in the industrial and commercial sphere, IOT devices are becoming a go-to option for most technophiles. read more

Publish date:December 19, 2016

You don’t assure quality by testing

IT world is predominantly under the impression that software testing is the engine that drives software quality. Developers often feel read more

Publish date:November 23, 2016
Daraz Black Friday

The pathetic state of ecommerce in Pakistan

Ecommerce industry has evolved over the last couple of years which is a great and much-needed step towards digitization in read more

Publish date:November 21, 2016

Business Incubation programs in Pakistan

Incubators are not a new concept in the world. The have formally existed for over 50 years, but in Pakistan read more

Publish date:October 6, 2016

Google is moving away from Nexus values with Android 7.1 and Pixel…

Google has released Android 7.1 change log and it strengthens one thing; Pixel phones are not a direct replacement of read more

Publish date:October 6, 2016

Careem unveils its new logo

Careem, ride-hailing service, has unveiled the new logo of its brand along with a tagline ‘Chalo, Let’s go’. The new read more

Publish date:September 18, 2016

This video on technology industry truly represents the state of Gender Diversity…

Punjab Information Technology Board has just recently released a video championing the promotion of Information Technology Industry of Pakistan. And read more

Fatima Rizwan
Publish date: September 15, 2016

4 reasons I think Uber’s surge pricing makes sense

Being a Pakistani citizen, you might have a very good idea about the condition of public transport in Pakistan. There is read more

Shaoor Munir
Shaoor Munir
Publish date: September 10, 2016

5 highest paying programming languages right now

If you are a programmer and about to enter the market for job search, an important concern for you is read more

Publish date:September 7, 2016

Is buying a Chromebook in Pakistan worth it?

When it comes to buying laptops, most people think there are only two options – Windows or MacBooks. While Apple read more

Publish date:September 7, 2016

Gmail Advertising Stats for India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka

Gmail can arguably be termed as the most popular and most handy email service nowadays. Even though Google was quite read more

Nauman Lodhi
Nauman Lodhi
Publish date: September 6, 2016

iPhone7 Rumor Roundup: 6 things to expect

It’s that time of the year at last, iPhone7 is launching. Some people are excited, while some don’t care but read more

Publish date:September 6, 2016

One important thing many startup founders easily ignore

A couple of days ago, I met a colleague and a mentor after 4 years. Things were very different 4 read more

Fatima Rizwan
Publish date: September 1, 2016

5 Reasons why ecommerce businesses have a promising future in Pakistan

As the world increasingly transforms into a global village, it is paving its way to allow people and businesses to read more

Publish date:August 24, 2016

Official Statement for our users, Shahmir Khan, CEO Travly

Dear friends, sympathizers, foes, and haters, Thank you once again for trending us all over the internet. We have thoroughly read more

Shahmir Khan
Shahmir Khan
Publish date: August 13, 2016

7 reasons you should start blogging now

Summer holidays are a good time to explore different avenues for your personal growth. Since you have a lot of read more

Fatima Rizwan
Publish date: August 3, 2016

You need to get a part-time job, the sooner the better!

I’m serious. Get a part-time job and you’ll be doing yourself a big favor. Of course, you’re not convinced by read more

Maryam Dodhy
Maryam Dodhy
Publish date: July 30, 2016

Dear hiring manager, please read this.

Dear hiring manager, congratulations! You have hired a top notch individual with a salary half of his worth. You are read more

Fatima Rizwan
Publish date: July 29, 2016

This Magic is your only hope to grow professionally fast

Let me state the conclusion first: To grow professionally you need to know magic. One magic trick in particular you need to master: read more

Ahsan Saleem
Ahsan Saleem
Publish date: July 25, 2016

How I created a hardware startup in Pakistan in 2 days and…

Approximately one year ago (April 2015), my city— Lahore— hosted Pakistan’s first IoT expo. As I was tinkering with an read more

Hammad Tariq
Hammad Tariq
Publish date: July 21, 2016