Vacant positions in IT ministry are hurting its performance?

The federal government of Pakistan after a delay of several days has appointed Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui as Secretary Information...

Jul 15 · 1 min read >

IT Minister visits Mobile World Congress, what does it mean for Pakistan?

Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Dr. Khalid Maqbool has recently concluded his visit to Barcelona, Spain, where he...

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These Pakistani software houses have made videos about themselves and some of them are surprisingly hilarious

Pakistani software houses are known for their cost-effective and reliable work ethic worldwide, making IT one of the fastest...

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Why Apple lost more than Facebook’s entire market capitalization in just few months

Let me address the elephant in the room, I am not suggesting that Apple is dying anytime soon. Despite...

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Let’s talk about fake news and our responsibility in curbing it

A few days ago, the news about Shahid Khan donating 1 billion dollars spread like wildfire. It once again...

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Are we blindly following social media for news? Yes. Yes we are

Propagation of fake news is an issue which plagues social media in almost every country, however, in countries like...

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Buying an insurance plan in a few minutes is now possible

We often find ourselves asking whether purchasing insurance policies is really that important? What do we stand to lose...

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Yahoo messenger is shutting down and nostalgia is hitting all 90s kids

Growing up in the glorious days of dial up connection where all it took us was merely 20 Rs...

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5 suspicious signs that show your phone may have been hacked

Hackers are really really smart people. When they break into your system, they won’t leave a trace until they...

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5 reasons why Pixel 2 is better than iPhone X

Both Pixel 2 and iPhone X are one of the best phones of 2017 and even 2018. Both phones...

Nov 14 · 2 min read >
Pixel 2 vs iPhone X

Internet Outage in Pakistan Shows the Dire Need of Competition in the Internet Providers Market

People usually welcome the weekend with open arms and when you have the Game of Thrones frenzy, you welcome...

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I am a Pakistani & this is how I made my way to CERN

My name is Sameed Muhammed. I grew up in Islamabad in a middle class family that was paranoid about...

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