DHA Claims Charging No Fee For Installing Solar Panels

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Solar Panel DHA

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) claimed on Tuesday that they charge no fee for installing solar panels on rooftops. Though those who want to install solar panels on their rooftops do not need an application, the approval of engineers and the proof of payment of property and water tax is a necessity.

Hence, people do not have to pay an amount for installing solar panels; they need to clear DHA dues to get permission to install them. Therefore, a press conference was held at the DHA head office to state that DHA charges no fee for installing solar panels.

The representative speaker of the DHA society Kashif Fazal claimed at the press conference that they provide the DHA Residential Property Solar Panel Installation Permit without charging any fee.

Moreover, Kashif Afzal rejected the news about imposing penalties on solar panels, pronouncing it as propaganda. Likewise, Kashif clarified that you get the permit when you submit an application to the DHA Town Planning and Building Control Department and provide the required documents within two days.

Therefore, those DHA residents looking forward to installing solar panels on their roofs can get the structure and map approved by any member of the Pakistan Engineers Council, which according to Kashif, is mandatory to ensure the safety of residents.

The job of DHA is to safely install solar panels, ensure the usage of quality equipment, and assess the effect on residential structures. Besides, DHA always gives advance notice to inhabitants to submit maps, drawings and other information before installation of the solar panels.

On September 8, all of the DHA’s social media platforms and Voice of DHA posted an informative post regarding installing solar panels on residential properties. Kashif Afzal explained during the conference that to ensure the safety of the DHA inhabitants, the applicants must follow specific procedures to gain approval, so they must submit all essential documents.

The essential documents include a written application and a map for pre-constructed buildings. An issue regarding the weight of solar panels not supported by the roofs of many homes constructed was in the news.

As a solar panel structure collapsed and fell on a car in the DHA once, but thankfully no one was injured. Since no avoid such mishaps, the DHA has sent notices and even imposed penalties on some of its residents for not abiding by building control regulations and installing solar panels on their rooftops without approval and permission.

However, social media received a lot of bash from DHA residents regarding the authority’s decision to send them notices and impose fines for violating the construction laws and installing elevated steel structures for solar panels on their rooftops.

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