Download Android 4.4 KitKat Stock Applications

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There were rumors that Google Home (i.e KitKat Launcher) will be soon in the Play Store after the launch of Nexus 5 but they were just rumors. But don’t worry we have a good news for you guys, we have a list of Nexus 5 apps that you can download and install on your phone and can enjoy experience. So, Download Android 4.4 KitKat Stock Applications from here.


What’s new? Nothing much, slight difference in interface.

Download Link:


Google Home (Launcher)


A whole new launcher released with 4.4, simple interface with integrated Google Now that you can use with a simple swipe.

Download Link:


Desk Clock

What’s New? Added Daydream feature and better Extensions.

Download Link: 

Screenshot while Daydream.



What’s New? Nothing Much.

Download Link:


Play Services 4.0 (PreBuiltGmsCore)

Play Services launched with Nexus 5.

Download Link:



What’s new? Nothing much, except a better emoji Button.

Download Link:

Play games

It’s just a direct link to Play store Games Section.

Download Link:


Google Now (Velvet)


What’s New? Better Voice search.

Download Link:


  • New Hangout App

What’s new? It was a big update in 4.4, Hangout is a new SMS, app now you can SMS with Hangout.

Download Link:

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