EBM Continues its promise to nourish Lives Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic

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The rapidly spreading coronavirus is causing significant disruption around the world, as people, organizations, and brands suffer through this global pandemic. As the crisis continues, brands have had to explore uncharted territory, as they struggle to not cross the line between advertisement and opportunism.

Standing out amongst the rest, the leading biscuit manufacturers in Pakistan, EBM has found a way to adapt, reminding us that they continue to nourish lives as they are reaching out to the general masses in these tough times. The brand recently announced that it would be moving off the airwaves and heading into people’s lives to help those affected by the COVID-19. EBM posted a statement “We’re moving off the airwaves and heading into people’s lives.

And the camps. And the clinics. And the isolation wards. And wherever our community needs us. We’re going there. Whether we do that by distributing our biscuits or by allocating rations, we’re doing our part to help ease the situation by redirecting and repurposing our advertising budget towards COVID-19 relief and response efforts — right alongside the Provincial Governments, the NGOs, and all the men and women fighting the disease on the frontlines for our collective safety and sanity. So that those who are the most affected in our communities will have access to provisions for food, medical supplies, daily wages, and most importantly, continuing health. Which is to say that if you don’t see us on TV, please remember our budgets are going to those who may have lost theirs.”

At this time of a global calamity, it was crucial for businesses to look beyond their immediate interests and goals, and EBM has done precisely that with this initiative. Even the governments of the wealthiest countries alone cannot fight this pandemic. Hence, the need of the hour is to really contribute in whichever way possible. With their decision to go off the channels and invest entirely in providing for people who need it at the most, the company has brought a necessary change in the efforts made to fight this pandemic. Soon other companies may also consider similar strategies. Each one can find their own effective way to do their part.