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Ever Heard About Trademarking a Color? Its Actually Possible, Here’s How You Can Do It.

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Trademarking a Color?

Trademarking a logo is common knowledge, we all have grown up watching that little encircled TM written around logos and brand names. But have you ever heard about trademarking a particular color? Well, it actually is possible and some of worlds most famous brands have already done it.

But how does trademarking a color helps a brand? Well, colors have always had a great effect on the subconscious human mind thus buying decisions that consumers make majorly depends upon colors. Possessing the ability to influence human feelings and moods, the colors associated to a particular brand are primarily the feelings customers associate to the brand.

Now would you want another brand to replicate the feelings your brand delivers? This is why trademarking a color can be a great investment and a massive improvement in your branding. Lets learn how you can apply for a trademark and have your very own color.

Legal Tick Boxes

When setting out to trademark a color, it is important to make sure that the color you chose to trademark, meets these four requirements:

  1. The color you plan to trademark works as your brand identification
  2. It is not commonly used for functional purposes, such as colors used in road or caution signs.
  3. People have started associating the color with your brand
  4. Trademarking the color does not put competitors at a disadvantage

While these may sound like simple legal tick boxes, it can actually become quite difficult for your brand color to fulfill all these four requirements. However, if your brand passes all these requirements, then quickly move onto the final step.

Hiring an Attorney and Applying for Trademark

Before you move further, we highly suggest you to hire a trademarking attorney that can check all the legal requirements. The attorney will ensure availability and help you prepare documents that are necessary for applying the trademark.

Once documents are ready, you can go ahead and apply for a trademark in your country’s national patent and trademark office and own a color even before you start your brand, giving you the kick start you need!