Everything that Google announced at CES 2019

Avatar Written by Abdul Wahab ·  1 min read >

Consumer Electronics Show (CES), world’s largest technology conference, holds paramount important for the search engine giant as it can showcase its devices to consumers that can compete against Amazon, Apple, and Samsung. However, Google this year focused entirely on the software side and had a lot of announcements for 2019 for it’s AI-powered, Google Assistant. In fact, all of the announcements were in one way or the other related to its AI assistant.

During the event, Google announced some of the companies that it will partner with includes, Samsung, Lenovo and McAfee which will have Google assistant integrated with some of their products. Here are all the other important announcements that Google made in CES 2019:

  • Google Assistant will now be integrated with Google maps and will be available on both iOS and Android
  • The popular and easy to use the wireless home sound system, SONOS will now have an integrated Google Assistant
  • Samsung TVs 2019 will now get Google assistant compatibility later in 2019 when linked, the user will be able to control the volume, change channels and turn the TV On/Off all through the voice input
  • Google Assistant will now be able to check you into flights for the user, a simple voice command, “Hey Google, check into my flight” will prompt the action. The assistant will also be able to book hotels for the user
  • Google Assistant’s interpreter mode will now be able to translate 27 different languages
  • Google also announced several other home devices which will be integrated with the AI-powered assistant, these devices include Instant Pot, routers on McAfee secure home platform, Thermostats and water heaters
  • Google Assistant will also be integrated with some car accessories which includes, “Anker Road Bolt” and the “JBL Link Drive”, which can be plugged into car’s cigarette lighter which will then connect user’s phone to the in-car system

It can be seen that Google in this year’s CES went all out with its AI-powered assistant. The entire Google event at CES 2019 covers Google assistant’s new features and its integration with other company’s products. An interesting thing to note here is that many companies are now partnering with Google to use Google assistant, which highlights the popularity of its ultra-powerful AI assistant. The fact that Samsung is partnering with Google to integrate the assistant in its TVs despite the fact that it already has its own AI, assistant Bixby speaks volumes of Google’s success in this arena. Let’s see what new exciting feature Google assistant has in store for 2019.