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Facebook is redesigning its social plugin buttons

Saad Mughal Written by Saad Mughal · 32 sec read>

If you haven’t yet noticed, Facebook is revamping the design of their social plugin buttons. Facebook has been using the ‘f’ logo with its social plugins for a long time now. Now though, they are seeking to replace the ‘f’ in the social plugin with the well recognized, Facebook Like button. Here is a preview of the change that is going to take place:

Facebook Redesign

Facebook has said that the new versions of the plugin buttons will be made mobile friendly by offering two different button sizes: one for mobile phones, and one for desktops.

This is not the only change that Facebook is carrying out in design though. There is a general redesign of all user interface icons taking place on the social networking site. If you look closely at the sidebars on your Facebook (desktop version), you will notice a change in the icons for event, birthday, pages, and more.

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